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  1. Just getting back to some old replies. If you believe this is was a crank email, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you! Talk about reaching, LOL.
  2. We already have them. I had a friend contract Covid this week and within 24 hours of receiving her prescription, she was feeling her old self. By the next morning she was fine. It is called lvermectin. That is one that does the job anyway. There are
  3. I can see how you would say that, but we were talking about how Florida was doing and the real estate market came up. So we veered off topic however, it is still somewhat on topic. In the past, when people were harmed due to “Covid gone wild” (Cuomo policy) there was no vaccine. Now there is a vaccine so I am trying to figure out why the vaccinated are concerned about contracting Covid. Obviously there have been breakthrough cases and nobody wants to be on a quarantined ship. It may surprise you to learn that there are medications that can squash Covid in most people in 24 hours. I will bet you anything that the ships pharmacy will be well stocked with both of them. Case in point, I had a friend this week with Covid and had her call her Dr for an Rx. By the next morning, she was well on her way to recovery. 36 hours later, she was feeling like her old self. Incidentally, she contracted the virus from a friend who she sat and had coffee with for an hour last week. I contend that you are at just as much risk flying in an enclosed metal tube with passengers carrying everything from Covid to chickenpox as you are cruising.
  4. mediation is only binding when an agreement is reached and signed off on. Otherwise the parties are free to sit there and ignore each other until the clock runs out.
  5. Thank you. I know I didn't make it up! And maybe it was later than 2010. You are right in that it doesn't seem so long ago.
  6. Wow. So much for letting everyone have their own opinion and experience. When I sailed on the Epic in 2009 or 2010, it was the last season the ship was based out of Miami. As far as the reason for moving it and not building a sister ship, I am repeating the words of the cruise director, who may know just a LITTLE more than you. Probably not though, since you seem to know everything. 🙄🥱
  7. State's governments are entitled to operate as they wish, via the legislature and the consent of the governed. If you offer a service to some people, it should be made available to all. We did away with "No xyz types allowed in our establishment" long ago because of the ugliness of discrimination.
  8. We can always join your "team". You can not dial it back once the horrors of this jab are made public. Glad I did? That's laughable. 😆 Also, enough with the virtue signaling, please. No one complained about the Spanish flu's moniker. It has come out now that this is engineered.
  9. Read through these and tell us what is real and what is fake.https://embed.documentcloud.org/documents/20793561-leopold-nih-foia-anthony-fauci-emails/
  10. I was told this by one of the cruise directors re moving to Europe. When she was based out of Miami, there were always deep discounts. I live close to the port and keep my eye on prices. Of course cutting the price will fill most any ship. Of course, I could be wrong but I am going on the word of the CD. If I had a choice, I'd chose the Breakaway or Jewel class. Personal preference.
  11. I have experience with vaccine injury. I'm here to tell you firsthand, when it happens, the only one who picks up the pieces and lives with the side effects long after the jab is given is you. Not your doctor, not the CDC. Just you. Imposing your beliefs and choices on others is not welcome in a free society. USSC? Do you mean SCOTUS?
  12. I would love that. I'm in favor of both types being made available.
  13. That's your opinion. This is a grand experiment, in my opinion. We already have a robust database showing many deaths and injuries post vax. Since the mRNA replicates In the body, there is a very valid question how long side effects/damage will be observed. Have you seen Dr Fs recently released emails? Be careful who you follow.
  14. I hear Cuba and Venezuela are accepting residency applications.
  15. Don't need to. If you want to believe statistics, that's up to you.
  16. I personally choose not to live in fear. There have been over 10k+ cases of Covid reported with the fully vaxxed, according to the CDCs website, and that number is likely much higher by now. Viruses are a fact of life. Always have been and always will be.
  17. I don't think DeSantis could prevent a ship full of prescreened Passengers from arriving in FL . The exception would be if he prevents NCL from fully operating in FL in the first place. If that were the case, your disembarkation port may change to somewhere else on the east coast.
  18. No one wants to be quarantined on a ship. Once the ship is out of Florida waters, NCL could chose not to quarantine those who have proof of the vax, should the occasion occur.
  19. Isn't that why you got the vax though? So you would not catch it?
  20. I think it's great. Someone had to stand up and be the first. It was not too long ago where the CDC thought they had jurisdiction over every private landlord in the US as well. A smart move would be to have a choice designated on each sailing. Of course, Florida law will not allow it, but those who want to be on fully vaxxed cruises can sail out of other states like Washington.
  21. The Epic is my least favorite ship in the fleet. It is easy to see why she never had a sister ship created once you sail on her. The Getaway and the Breakaway are the same ship, but with all the mistakes made in the Epic's build corrected. So what is wrong with the Epic? At full capacity, you will have trouble getting into some venues (comedy club comes to mind). Usually you can get standby tickets for the bigger productions in the theater. I am sure Covid safety protocols will shift this slightly, hopefully for the better. To me, the Epic is like a floating hotel on a ship base with no easy access public to the outdoors. It has been a while since I have sailed on her, but I believe the first public access deck outside is 10. It is a claustrophobia trigger for me, but admittedly not everyone will feel the same way. I know they moved the ship to Europe due to her lack of acceptance in the US market. Other than that, I have no complaints. The same wonderful staff is still there! I would go with a group if that was the group's choice, but otherwise I would chose a different ship.
  22. Florida (in June) is still packed with snowbirds and new permanent residents. I wish they would go home so we can have our roads and restaurants back, but I don't blame them for fleeing the Northeast and Midwest. That's the great thing about choices.
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