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  1. We used Civitavecchia Cab Service, and it was 129 euros in cash to the driver. You can google them for their website. They picked us up right beside the ship and dropped us off at our terminal in Rome. In a Mercedes Benz sedan 😊.
  2. We got off the Epic on May 29th. We had an 11:15 am flight out of Rome. I hired a car to pick us up from the port and take us to the airport, it worked great! We walked our luggage off the ship and the driver was waiting at 7:30 am as arranged. We had plenty of time for our flight. Yes, more expensive than taking the train, but hassle free and so worth it. There were 3 of us.
  3. We order a quick breakfast and coffee via room service for port days, which speeds up getting off the ship. You fill out the form the night before and hang it on your door knob. Free - just tip the delivery person. Very prompt also.
  4. The aft elevators are much less crowded, I recommend them. Getting on and off the ship was quick, but allow some extra time so you don't keep your tour group waiting.
  5. No worries. We just got off the Epic on Wednesday. I went to the desk and explained the situation (we too had an early excursion in Cannes). There was a specific person handling this and we were able to get the first tender time slot, no problem. They were extremely accommodating.
  6. We just did Civitavecchia Cab Service on May 29th, you can google it for their website. Great to work with; we were very satisfied with them.
  7. We just did this cruise out of Rome. Our ship sailed the first day at 7:00 p.m. We got to the ship at 4:15 p.m. and there was no waiting and no lines. I think that with some boarding in Rome, and some boarding in Barcelona, it has cut the lines to board at the beginning of your cruise considerably. Same with disembarking at the end of your cruise - no lines. That said, I personally would recommend getting to the ship no less than 2.5 hours before disembarking. Leave a little extra time for traffic, etc. If you don't make the muster drill, there is a make up one the next day. Enjoy - we had a fabulous time!
  8. “No smoking in cabins” On our last cruise our next door neighbors smoked nonstop on their balcony - cigarettes AND WEED! If we opened our balcony door it sucked the smoke right into our room. I asked them once not to do it, then complained to our cabin steward and called about it, but nothing to our knowledge was done, as it continued. We had an extra large balcony and couldn’t enjoy it!
  9. Anyone with recent trip reports sailing the Mediterranean on the Epic from Rome (Civittecia) or Barcelona? We board May 22nd, and are so excited! Any tips or suggestions?
  10. Thank you everyone! KeithJenner: I hadn't thought about the fact that the entire ship is not disembarking in Rome! Whew, that makes me feel better. I have arranged a private transfer directly to the airport, so we should be good. I have it booked for an 8:00 am pick up, but it sounds like we could disembark sooner so may tweak the pickup time. We are planning on walking off with our bags, so that should speed things up also.
  11. You have a very good plan. We will do similar. We fly to Dublin, Ireland, then on to U.S.
  12. We are sailing on the Epic out of Rome in May, 2019. We end the cruise on May 29th, and it says we dock in Rome at 6:00 a.m. What time can we expect to be able to disembark to get to the airport for our 11:15 a.m. flight? It sounds like it takes a good hour to get to the airport. Thanks! I assume private transportation to the airport is the best option. If you have a recommendation it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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