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  1. I'll try some more even if I have lost track which ports were already covered. Thus here the first two photographs of the same port.
  2. There was a time when Cunard did not post a dress code a all. Why? Everybody just knew what was the socially right behaviour. For most part, nobody looked for a loophole to flaunt the (at that time unwritten) rules. Now it looks like people even must be told in writting (and of course in every available media) that you do not run in a bathing suit through a buffet or lounge area. What is so difficult about decency?
  3. Wonderful! I am glad Cunard returns to the Mediterranean in the Summer. All this cold weather cruises to the North, brrr. Great that there is a finally a choise of sunny weather cruises again. Is any information about pricing available? Will it be allowed to combine two of the 7 nighters?
  4. Full points! This was the same "Flavour of France" cruise as the previously posted Honfleur.
  5. If you permanently ban people with the common cold you can finally close down all cruise lines - and many more businesses. On average every person has three to four common colds every year. Thus if everybody on a roughly 100 day cruise had one, it just is very much the statistic average.
  6. Sounds good! Even though a balcony is certainly not a must as there are many open deck areas, it will just be nice to have one. With your solution it might also become a natural meeting point eg for breakfast. As the proximity of the two cabins is most important for you, this is a clever solution for bringing down the premium price.
  7. Okay, while I think about yours, also something for you
  8. And the second one is Hobart, I would say.
  9. The first one is Sydney - thanks to the Opera House.
  10. Whow, just reading the entries here and so many reviews, I wonder how you can get that opinion. Quite a lot of customers did report just a few posts above that their needs are not met. " based on the ship's popularity and premium pricing." Popularity? Unfortunately the rational lays apperantly more in all the advantages for Celebrity and "They didn't need IV to be resounding success and loved feature, they just need it to not be hated TOO much."
  11. Perfect again, and thank you for the photo. I had not seen a picture of the Queen Victoria in the port from the outside before.
  12. Most perfect! Indeed I hoped the lunch time remark might help. Not only that no new passengers were boarding, absolutely nobody, who steped ashore, was allowed back. This meant no excursions and even no passport controls which is very unusal for an American port. Also no new staff and no new entertainers were boarding thus there was a lot of improvisation during the last days.
  13. More clues wanted? Here is a photo taken when leaving at lunch time.
  14. Okay, thank you. It's Valencia.
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