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  1. Thank you everybody for your response. Hm.
  2. Do the 10 minutes apply to alcoholic beverages only or to all drinks including water? Eg. can one order a glass of wine and a bottle of water at the same time? Does anbody know?
  3. Has anybody recent experience or can provide some information about getting from Manta port to Montechristi and back for independent exploration? Eg. Are the local buses easy to find and to use? Where and how? Are taxis reliable and easy to get in both cities? How much? Thanks for help.
  4. Thank you for all the information! Do you (or does anybody) know if these 10 minutes apply to alcoholic beverages only or to all drinks? Eg. can one order a glass of wine and a bottle of water at the same time?
  5. But for those who do care it does impact the experience. I do not constantly look in a mirror thinking how smartly I am dressed. What sets the overall experience is the overall attire, the decor, the behaviour and dress of the stewards, the music and, yes, of course the attire or clothes of the people around. Again, the overall experience is different in a room filled with guests in suits and dresses and a room full of casualy dressed people.
  6. OP, I share your impression that many posters share their YC experience and a huge number of these make it sound like YC would be they only way they could bear to cruise with MSC. Yet the vast majority of passengers (95% ?) is not in the top end suites but in normal cabins - just like on any other line. If the small "perks" that differentiate the "experiences" are important is up to individual judgement. Otherwise, food, bars, pools, entertainment, service is all the same - just like it makes no difference if you have an inside, outsie or balcony regarding everything outside the cabin. If you accept that you ate sailing an Italian ship you most probably will have a good time
  7. How disgusting. One can sail any of the many casual, no style cruise lines for that.
  8. You should wait, you will get your member ship number with the match. If you sign up you risk to mess up the process and get stucked with being a new member. From all the reports the time it takes can vary a lot. It is a courtesy by MSC.
  9. You can exchange money right at the airport. There is a small and somewhat hidden branch of a major bank close to the arrival hall. Here is what I did, somewhat taking care of taxi and money at the same time: After collecting ones luggage and walking through all the formalities, one passes a number of booths where one can arrange a taxi and pay with credit card. The assigned taxi driver meets you immediatly after the door. I told mine that I needed to exchange money and asked him for guidance. He took me to the bank, waited for me and took care of my luggage while I was standing in line.
  10. Well, yes, cocktail dress are indeed appropriate wear on smart casual nights. Of course. (Even though a number of people are constantly working on dumping the standards as low as possible there are others, too.) And yes, many people do care what others wear. They do so for many reasons, one of these: The whole atmosphere and ambiance changes. A room with people dressed in suits and nice dresses does have a different atmosphere than the same room with people in rugby shirts and jeans.
  11. Handing over your luggage at the port is actually not the same as "checking in" for a flight. You merely Hand it over to the porters and will find it again in your cabin. This is for your conveniences. But also it is for the convenience and safety of ALL passengers. The thousands of pieces of luggage are not to be dragged around by thousands of individual passengers, clogging the gangway, using up the scarce space on the elevators etc.
  12. Bring the tux! Cunard is dress wise quite different from other cruise lines and mantains at least a minimum of style.
  13. I would encourage the OP to carefully check this point on board as it might be different from port to port, When we dissembarked late in Palma we had to put out our luggage. Once reaching the terminal building after a rather long walk there was a small guarded area in the building with the luggage of late disemabrking black and YC guests.
  14. No need to worry. In the fine print it says that your cruise card given on embarkation day is your membership card.
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