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  1. How about posting one at a time? 😉 We have seen almost more photos in the last few days than in the last year. I need a breath 😮
  2. Correct, this is Fortaleza!
  3. Good thinking and close, yet not exactly.
  4. Indeed, it is Portuguese.
  5. I have taken the bus in the opposite direction before. It worked very well. Just make sure to get a reservation and clarify before how you will get from the bus station at LHR to your actual terminal.
  6. How sad! The only proper way to got to Venice is by boat / ship / the sea. An industrial port is the total opposite of what Venice is about. It is an anticlimax having to enter Venice from the land side via the Ponte della Liberta, an industrial structure itself which has been added only in modern times. -- Even from a practical point it will make a visit to Venice a pain: It might be just a few miles (as the crow flies) away from Venice but walking is impossible. Public transportation from a randomly choosen point in the Marghera po
  7. One can get room service in Bella, too. One just pays a little more.
  8. My answer would start with an "S". Is it the same direction as yours, @bluemarble?
  9. So far it did not help me either to look at those cities which were not olympic cities but hosted the olympic sailing events. Some we already have seen (Kiel, 1972 for Munich and Tallinn, 1980 for Moscow) for other like Busan I do not get a match.
  10. A lovely jacket might be ok for the smart nights, when jackets are part of the minimum requirement; a tie is optional but worn by many. If you have sailed on various other lines it might be helpful to know that smart attire on Cunard is far above what some people wear even for formal/gala/elegant nights on other lines these days. For gala nights morst men indeed wear a tuxedo. As stated by @bluemarble a dark suit (with appropriate shirt and tie) is accepted as alternative. Enjoy!
  11. On that route Safaga would be a another possibility. Yet, the desert does not appear to match ... @Solent Ɍichard how far are @sfred and I off from the right track?
  12. Which port offers easy access to a desert? We have seen Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The sand looks quite fine-grained. No rock formations. I try Salaha.
  13. Perfect @bluemarble. Yes, the photo has been taken from the Castillo de San Cristóbal. The buildings in the first picture belong to the US coast guard station in St Juan. There were many more ships in port that day.
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