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  1. i believe there won't be a problem i am sure if you let the crew know or who you book with, they will have you back at 1pm, from where the boat is its only about a 7 minute walk around.
  2. we did this trip and it was great, if you can't get an email responce we went throu www.caboticket.com , some local in cabo, and he set us up with yael, and when we go back early next year we will do the same trip... have fun
  3. wow... there was no sea life or fish?... were you snorkeling in the marina? the bay in front of cabo was absolutly full of fish, and lots of varieties. it was very pretty, i admit i wasn't expecting much but we were very surprised, and we met some divers who said it was amazing under water aswell, cabo was easy to navigate by ourselves aswell, we got a sailing charter and did it our selves, aswell as waverunners off the main beach, it was easy and a great time. and from a quick check we saved in the order of $250 dollars versus ship price!
  4. that wine tour sounds like fun in ensenada.. as for cabo we agree with the last post. we had a group and we got a private sail boat. we got the yael sail boat and it was wondefull. and got to snorkel and drink some really good margaritas. we found the boat on www.caboticket.com and had no troubles. have fun and good luck!
  5. we went on the yael sail boat, we found it on http://www.caboticket.com the cost was around 300 usd from the top of my head...for 4 people.. more or less... great trip, great crew and good service..
  6. we had a group aswell and we got a private yacht, it was a great trip, saw all the sights, and the drinks flowed all day!
  7. hello, we did a sailing boat tour and its was great, yes you will see the arch but its alot better on the boat, we saw the sea lions, and close up to the lovers beach, we did a trip on the yael sailing boat and had a great trip. we set it up with www.caboticket.com and there were no hassells. as for the sunset, we only saw that from the deck. we left the bay before it went down. where is that place? we are heading back this summer and if they sell it, then it must be something!
  8. hello, we did snorkeling in cabo and there were a ton of fish, the water i believe is warm in august so you should have fun, and what surprised us was the variety, we went on the sailing boat 'yael', it was a beautiful boat, and a great sail, we did ask about the other bays while we were there but this boat didn't go there, we set it up with a local guy www.caboticket.com no troubles and a heap of fun! good luck
  9. i second the yael boat, we got in contact with www.caboticket.com and he set us up with this boat, its was great, the crew and boat make a trip. and the margaritas are perfect!
  10. hello, we just got back from cabo, we didn't see the slide boat, but for the waverunners we got in touch with www.caboticket.com and he had them set up with us on medano beach for some of our group. they said they say the arch and sea lions but weren't able to get too close the rocks because of the traffic and the safety deposit!
  11. well we had a great time, we did the 7 day trip, i thought we would go to acapulco but we didn't, the 1st day was at cabo san lucas, we did get in contact with www.caboticket.com and he organised a sailing trip for us which was great, we got o see a whale and the snorkeling was cold but worth it. aswell as some waverunners on the beach in medano, all went very well and he was very helpful, we did the canopy tour in P.V and it was very cool, alot of fun flying throu the trees, in mazatlan we enjoyed the town and ate good seafood, can't remember the name but no one got sick!. thanks for your help.
  12. thanks for the reply, the zip line does sound better in the trees. I have noticed caboticket on the tripadvisor it looks like they could help us, i emailed them and got some good info about the sailing boat, some of my family have been to cabo and so they are confident about buying before we cruise, lets hope they are right! thanks
  13. hello all, great forum and good advice, now we need some help! we are a big family travling on the norwegian star for the mexican coast, cabo san lucas , acapulco... etc.. my question is, it looks like cabo is a fun time for the day, and every thing seems to be close to the bay, we are a big group and i have to plan tours, and of course not everyone wants the same. my 1st question is, buy online or on the cruise. we are talking lots of fun stuff and i feel we will get better deals online. my brother is a diver so wants to dive the wall. my 2 sons want zip line, and its fairly general that we want sailing, any sugestions? it would be good to get this organised before we get on board. thanks in advance!
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