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  1. Thankfully we just paid the deposit for our April cruise so it is not a lot of money that we are waiting on. Submitted my request for a refund yesterday.
  2. I cancelled my October 31st Constellation transatlantic cruise on July 2 (before final payment). I really do not think the cruise will end up happening. We had only put the deposit down. When I cancelled with my big box TA I was told it could be up to 90 days for a refund of my deposit. I was very surprised to receive my refund to my credit card July 14. Only took 12 days.
  3. I had a May 17 cruise cancelled by Princess April 14. I requested a refund and got email confirmation of my request April 14. The future cruise deposit I had used to book was returned to my account June 12. I have been checking my credit card daily. Today my full refund was showing on my credit card (total 70 days). The refund was dated June 18. I am happy I finally have my money back but I am still very unhappy that it took such a long time.
  4. I was part of the phase 2 pause. I had a May 17 Alaska cruise cancelled by Princess. I put in my request for a refund the very first day (April 14) and I did get an email confirmation. I have been checking my Princess account daily to see if the FCD I used to book with, was put back into my account. Just today I see that it is back, which gives me hope they are beginning to process my refund. I did check my credit card and there isn't a refund yet.
  5. That would be good to know. I am getting quite concerned about my refund and I am debating filing a dispute with my credit card company because I am concerned Princess will declare bankruptcy before I see my refund.
  6. On April 3rd I cancelled a Celebrity Mediterranean cruise that I had booked for October. My credit card was just credited with 3 charges that added up to the $960 deposit. The refund was dated April 19th but just showed up today. I have been checking my card daily because I had 2 different cruises I am awaiting refunds on.
  7. Don't wait for Princess to cancel. We took a "wait and see attitude" for our May 17th Alaska cruise. They did eventually cancel us, no extra perks if you want you money back (and several months wait to actually get your money back). I am not confident that Princess actually has the money to refund everyone. They only offered a bonus of an extra 25% if you took FCC.
  8. Exactly, all I can do is wait. But as I stated in my original post, the more Princess delays refunds, the more their reputation suffers. How Princess handles my refund, will affect my opinion of Princess and whether or not I take another cruise with them.
  9. I get that it may take a little longer to process the large number of refunds. I do not believe that it takes 60 days. I believe that Princess is deliberately holding back people's refunds. The fact that they announced they are just starting to process refunds (April 16) supports this.
  10. I have cancelled a cruise with Princess before and my credit card was refunded within 2 days. This time, I feel that making everyone wait an extended period of time, is a way for the company to hang onto everyone's money just a little bit longer. I feel princess is damaging their reputation by holding back refunds. Princess has no issue charging my credit card instantly when I book a cruise, but it takes 60 days to refund me? I have another cruise booked with Princess for next April. How Princess handles my refund, will affect my opinion of Princess and whether or not I take another cruise wit
  11. I looked to re-book an Alaska cruise for next year, it was over $1000 more (cancels out the $150 on-board credit they are offering if we book by May 31). I decided it's not worth booking at this time.
  12. Our last cruise was November 2019, Emerald Princess transatlantic from Barcelona. We went with our 22 and 28 year old children. It was the first cruise all 4 of us had taken a cruise together since 2005. Our daughter lives at the other end of the country and it was the most time we had spent together in several years. It was the their first trip to Europe and it was the first time for all of us to visit Morocco. We had such a wonderful time!
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