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  1. I have made my review and stand by it. Yes I rated him on TripAdvisor, and also stand by that as well. My reason for the posting is to make others aware of their policy before booking so they don't have this happen to them. I've cruised for many years in many ports, and as I stated in the original post, it is shame on me for assuming that this company would refund my deposit due to the conditions of the cancel. It's the first time this has happened and I will not make this mistake again. Had we missed the port for some strange reason, other than extreme weather, I would not have said a word. My feelings were that the conditions were not good enough for the ship that day, nor for the tour that day.
  2. Just a heads up for any of those looking to book with Fosshestar in Isafjordur. He does not refund your deposit if the ship is unable to make the port of call. He makes the decision himself if the conditions are "safe to ride". Our ship, Nieuw Statendam on August 12, was due to call on the port. The weather forecast was very poor, calling for cold, rain, and heavy winds. We left Reykjavik on the afternoon of the 11th, and the captain informed us that due to high winds and rain on the seas and in the forecast, and unsafe tender conditions, that we were cancelling the port visit on August 12 at Isafjordur and going straight to Akureyri a day early. We also received a letter stating the same issue. We were able to go a day early due to another ship canceling Akureyri on the 12th. We were also warned to take items on high shelves, and to plan for rough seas of 18-20' for a period of 5-7 hours on August 12, which we did indeed have. I emailed Arni at Fosshestar as soon as we were told the news and informed him we would not be coming in due to the ship canceling the port of call. He let me know that he would be unable to refund me our deposit, as he only does so "if we feel that the weather does not allow for a safe tour" and argued that the captain shouldn't have canceled the port of call. Something tells me I would trust our captain over this guy and the seas we had that day would support the captain's decision. Truly, I have never had a company keep a deposit on a canceled port. This is a shame on me I guess for assuming, but I didn't think he would actually keep a deposit if a ship canceled due to unsafe conditions. He may give great horse ride tours, and we were disappointed not to make it there, but after working with this guy, I personally would not book with them again due to their policy. Others may be fine with this risk, but I just wanted to make sure people were aware of their policy ahead of time before booking with them.
  3. Say what now about the Dream in 2020 in San Diego? Nothing about that anywhere... You just hoping or know something?
  4. Just curious, why couldn't you get your paperwork and go to the first port of call? So you miss a day or two. Sorry it messed up your honeymoon though. Please don't be angry at Carnival though.
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