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  1. No Surprise here...bummed but knew. Sorry for those who never believed it or those who really believed there was “progress” in the ship yard. Just let me know how I can get my refund for November and we can try again some day in the future. We’ll be back...but it may be a while.
  2. Zero shock here. I can finally cancel my November flights. Sorry it happened but we knew for months this would be the case
  3. I have made my review and stand by it. Yes I rated him on TripAdvisor, and also stand by that as well. My reason for the posting is to make others aware of their policy before booking so they don't have this happen to them. I've cruised for many years in many ports, and as I stated in the original post, it is shame on me for assuming that this company would refund my deposit due to the conditions of the cancel. It's the first time this has happened and I will not make this mistake again. Had we missed the port for some strange reason, other than extreme weather, I would not have said a word.
  4. Just a heads up for any of those looking to book with Fosshestar in Isafjordur. He does not refund your deposit if the ship is unable to make the port of call. He makes the decision himself if the conditions are "safe to ride". Our ship, Nieuw Statendam on August 12, was due to call on the port. The weather forecast was very poor, calling for cold, rain, and heavy winds. We left Reykjavik on the afternoon of the 11th, and the captain informed us that due to high winds and rain on the seas and in the forecast, and unsafe tender conditions, that we were cancelling the port visit on A
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