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  1. After you get the kits in the mail , do you make an online appt for them to witness your taking the test and the result? ---------------- Oh, never mind; clip that was posted is very helpful! Thank you!
  2. The email I just got from RC says "we recommend ordering a week before you need it." You'll get an email with subject "Your Pre-Cruise Testing Options."
  3. Love Solarium Bistro. Although I have not eaten there since November 2019. We were always casual there--yes, shorts.
  4. So there is a corridor for the cabins, but does it back up to doors from the eateries on that deck? Just wondering if it will be noisy.
  5. Wish I got selected, but a friend who is a travel agent did and she's onboard Oasis already.
  6. We had a Jr Suite on Anthem. There were 3 of us and we appreciated the extra space and the 2 bathrooms. Balcony furniture was an upgrade and the larger balcony was nice.
  7. Have been there many times over the years (on various ships) and watched that building go up!
  8. Still a beautiful ship. We were on its second-to-last voyage in Feb. 2020. Loved it.
  9. oh definitely NOT the norm. All the times we've cruised to Bermuda we were with one other ship or even alone at Kings Wharf. All this cruise talk. . . I think I have some Love Boat episodes saved up I'll need to watch. . . sigh.
  10. Last year or the season before, there were 3 ships for a couple days--2 at the docks, and one Norwegian ship anchored by Kings Wharf. So while it's not ideal for sure (who wants to tender--not me) it is possible to have more than one at Kings Wharf. Yes, Hamilton is only for smaller ships. Last one I saw there was HA Veendam. Little guy compared to Anthem. I would love to go there on Oasis, esp. since it's redone. Loved Allure. But will any of that happen this season. . . I'm thinking no, but no one really knows. It's a wait and see. I miss sitting on the balcony watching the sea go by.
  11. We did a 4 nighter NYC to Bermuda last year on Carnival. You are in Bermuda for one day. We were there with Anthem which was on a 5 nighter. While of course no one knows for sure, it seems unlikely that any ships are coming to NY or NJ this summer. I don't like it, but there isn't anything I can do about it but accept all the unknowns for now.
  12. Well I hope Adventure makes its way to NJ so I can go on it in August.
  13. Interesting about the whse club. I book maybe 10% of my cruises with them. TA for the rest. Have always gotten the obc promised. Not had any issue in probably 40+ cruises and booking mostly with TA. You can google the agencies that show up and see what people have to say about them. My experiences were good. The agency I learned of from that site I go to directly at this point. I do usually price the whse club too and decide between the two. I usually go with the TA though. I agree with whoever made the point about non-refundable deposits. That is always verified before I book. I don't usually go w/ non-refundable deposit.
  14. I used that site years ago and booked with 2 of the companies that competed for my business. One did charge a $10 "administrative fee" so read the fine print on each email you receive or check the one page that shows all the prices. I still book with one of them today as their price is usually the best and the service is good. Also if you are a warehouse club member, check their prices too. I have not booked direct with a cruiseline in years; always get obc or a discounted (group) rate with a TA.
  15. Hi all. We were among those who would have been boarding Carnival Sunrise tomorrow in NYC for a 4 nighter to Bermuda. Sigh. We opted for the full refund but it has not yet shown up. It's been several weeks since I filled out that online form. How long did your refund take to your credit card? Looking forward to cruising again--whenever that may be.
  16. Ah, yes, I was on that one. some time after booking it in 2015 as a CTN, it changed to meet the new enforcement of a foreign port: We were supposed to have gone to Halifax to check off the "foreign port" box. . . but there was a storm out there so I believe RC paid the fine for not going to a port. This was just after all the bad press Anthem had gotten for cruising in a storm. It was a fun 3 nighter and I fell in love with Anthem!
  17. We enjoyed many cruises to nowhere in years past (mostly on Norwegian as they had lots of them from NYC) before the law became enforced in 2015 and the last CTN sailed in December 2015 on NCL Breakaway out of NYC. I would not mind at all if CTN became allowed again. Those were great weekend cruises. Now, 7 or 10 days on a ship with no ports. Hmmm. Guess I'd have to try it and see.
  18. I too prefer to sail from NY or NJ (no flights involved) and I would be fine with just CocoCay. Loved it there. RC did a great job with that island. When cruising will resume and from what ports it will happen--all just complete speculation at this point and I'm not venturing guesses. I will be very happy to be back on a ship going anywhere!
  19. Update: got the full refund. I do hope to get on Scarlet Lady some time.
  20. IMO: Coco Cay is AWESOME and additional bonus is a DOCK (no tender,) Harvest Caye would be second best as the beach was quite nice and there was a lot of space, didn't, and still don't care much for Great Stirrup Cay (which is next door to CocoCay). HMC still has the best beach.
  21. I would say the metal "helmets" on the toilet paper rolls are full of bacteria. Hate those things and can't understand why ships use them. Gross. In our cabin I remove the roll if I cant move the metal helmet up and out of the way for the duration of our cruise.
  22. Late January we booked the "inaugural" Scarlet Lady cruise that would have returned to Miami today. We were very excited with high hopes for a great experience. World crisis happens, cruise cancelled. we had the option to rebook for the new inaugural date in August, but I don't want to cruise the Caribbean in August as it's hot here in NJ at that time too. So we cancelled and figure we'll use the offered credit another time. However, though I paid for this cruise in full, I've only received about 2/3 back so far. My TA called and was told by VV that "it's coming soon." Anyone else have this happen?
  23. I'm booked end of May on Sunrise and I hope it sails from NYC as planned. I've accepted that it's a wait and see at this point, and that's ok because there's nothing I can do about it.
  24. HMC much nicer IMO. We haven't been there in years (since Carnival Miracle in 2009) but I always remember it as the nicest beach of any cruise line's private island. Princess Cays is a very rocky beach. I brought water shoes on Regal Princess in Feb and forgot them on the ship. And I wasn't going through tendering again to get them. If we skipped PC on a cruise I wouldn't care.
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