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  1. I like some of the art and would buy it but not at this auction and not for the price they're asking.  I'm pretty sure they have "customers" set up to get the auction started, we saw a couple bid $8,000 on a piece, and it was the first one shown, sort of staged customer.   That purchased got the others interested and then they were selling a lot of art.  I've visited a few times, set there, but after an hour left, when I passed the auction later, it was still going on for 3 hours.  It all seemed very fake.

  2. Received email today"


    Please be advised that Crown Princess is experiencing a technical issue that has resulted in our inability to operate at full speed. While this in
    no way compromises the safety of our guests and crew, which is our highest priority, our technical experts have determined that we must revise
    your itinerary.
    We will no longer call to Grenada on Monday, February 10, 2020, but will instead spend the day at sea. Our call times to Curacao, Bonaire,
    Grenada and St. Thomas have been amended; please see the revised itinerary for details.
    In recognition of these changes, each guest will receive a refundable credit of $75 USD applied to their onboard folio. We regret any
    disappointment these changes may cause, and look forward to welcoming you aboard Crown Princess.

  3. I'm looking at a cruise to Hawaii round trip from San Francisco or Los Angeles.  Not sure about it.   If you've been on an Hawaii cruise what are your thoughts?  The multiple sea days both direction seem a bit much, was this cruise worth your time and money?   Thanks

  4. We will be on the Crown also on February 5th, yes, I've seen some of these bad reviews on Reviews / Cruise Critic, and if you check on the reviewers, many of them have one or two reviews on CC.  Some of these passengers really hated this ship.  We were on the Caribbean Princess last year and that ship also had some bad reviews, went anyway and loved it.  We did b2b and enjoyed everything.  

  5. We loved the ultimate ship tour, took one on the Regal.  One small problem, our guide, not sure what position/job he had on the ship, was very young and knowledgeable, but, he walked way too fast for us.  Sounds like it's trivial, but not.  My husband has a bad back and can' walk so fast.  We should have said something to the guide, but we didn't, for anyone else out there, you are paying $150 per person, if something is not right please say so.    It felt like we were running through the ship, once we stopped at an area it was all great.



    Princess Cruises Reveals Splash Zone

    Caribbean Princess which was the first ship in the fleet to introduce the MedallionClass vacations experience will now bring another new fleet first feature. When the ship emerges from a major dry dock in June 2019 she will have a new water attraction.

    The Reef Family Splash Zone will bring water fun to a new level by offering new ways to enjoy and cool off for all cruisers.


    The new feature will be located on deck 17 aft. The space will also update current Jacuzzi, pool, and bar. Here are all the details:



    This interactive and inviting water playground features a splash pool, assorted water sprays and showers where families can enjoy a day of splashing, laughing and playing. The focal point is an interactive whale feature, with ‘rain” from its fluke.

    Game Zone

    Bringing family competition to a whole new level with oversized backyard games, comfy lounge sectionals, and a kid-friendly bar setting, families can grab some cocktails and mocktails while challenging the kids to a game of Connect Four, Jenga or Cornhole.

    New Outdoor Furniture

    With a variety of seating and lounging options, from single sun loungers to sectional chairs and couches with tables, he Reef transforms into an inviting space for groups of all sizes aimed to be comfortable and conversational, also featuring new fixtures and finishes.



  7. As far as I understand, the internet usage/streaming is the same on any ship anywhere.  We were on the internet in the middle of the Caribbean sea and Atlantic and it was great.  I would recommend purchasing the unlimited internet and then you don't have to worry about logging on and off, etc.  

  8. We all forget that some of us "old" Princess cruisers, Elite or less, have grandchildren and may want to continue cruising on Princess.   I know many who are cruising with grandchildren who moved over to RC or Disney, etc. because they're looking for more activities for the little ones.  Maybe this is a way of keeping the loyal customers to stay with them and not chase them away. 

  9. Just off the Caribbean, this was the loudest cruise ever on Princess, after 16 cruises.    Not Spring breakers, but adults anywhere from mid 30’s to 50’s.  Often I couldn’t hear my tablemates during dinner.  We mostly hung around the adult pool and deck 16 above. 

  10. 1 minute ago, OR_Cowboy_1952 said:

    The Patter was always placed on our bed or the little table by the door.  The ultimate idea of the Medallion is to go paperless.  Everything will be on your smart phone, tablet, or TV.  All the information in the Patter is largely on Princess-at-Sea now.  



    We had spa stuff art auction,  EZ check, captain circle stuff, etc. all on the floor




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