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  1. All of the ideas are great, you need some of these supplies on hand, I have magnets and need to search around for a holder of some type our room steward is pretty bad this time going to look funny after a couple of months where you’ll see all sorts of mailbox contraptions. I hope Princess is seeing this.
  2. I’m on the Caribbean Princess now and very diasappointed that they took away the mailboxes when they installed the medallion electronic entry system. Now most of the notices, including the Patter are shoved under the door. So, when you enter, often you’re stepping on top of some notice and need to pick it up off the door. I feel like it’s Motel 6. I hope they’re planning to install new mailboxes. For some people all of this bending may be difficult as those with back issues, etc.
  3. I would do the old locks and also find one that's "ocean to ocean", the cruise that stops for the day at Fuerte Amador,- Panama City. I saw the new locks operating from the visitors' center and it was no way as interesting as the old locks. Take the Coral if you can, it's just the right size.
  4. anyone had any experience with Luggage Forward to Port Everglades? they say they have an agent to deliver it to the ship
  5. I was on an Alaskan cruise during the middle of June when the sun set at 1am and rose at 3 am. Nice long days and mostly warm. But, one problem in going in June is that the salmon has not spawned yet in the regions where the ship goes. We spoke to one guide who told us to come next time from the middle of July to beginning of August when salmon is plentiful, when there is a lot of salmon it brings out every living thing, as bears, more eagles, etc., if you are interested in more wildlife, then beginning of August is a good time.
  6. We were on the Regal in March and once you log into the ship's wifi you can then use your Facebook messenger or even text messages. We had free internet due to our level, but for those who paid it was not expensive. We even Face Timed with our family, sent photos via text messages and made cell phone calls. It was great for us since we like to stay in touch with family.
  7. Check out this site, that's how we pick the obstructed cabins https://sites.google.com/site/cabinviewbyrenmar/regal-royal-princess
  8. We just got off the Regal after a 14 cruise in the Caribbean. Crooner's entertainer was Liam Stewart. This is the first time in 15 Princess cruises that we walked out of Crooners the first night and never returned. I did not enjoy him at all and missed my evenings at Crooners, usually from 7-8 and then after 10:45. Crooners was mostly pretty quiet for a ship with over 3,000 passengers, not like anything else I've seen before where you couldn't get a seat.
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