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  1. Glen, Just a hello from Larry & Darlene Hornstein. It has been some time we cruised together. I believe the first cruise was the 14 night Alaska cruise out of San Francisco. Darlene says you gave her a baby Koala bear trinket which she still has. Are you retired yet or still working for the transportation department in Brisbane. We are both now retired and moved to Florida and only about 85 miles away from Port Canaveral. How is your daughter as you talked about her on that cruise. Larry & Darlene
  2. Thanks, I had never of it but maybe because I don’t cruise solo. Larry
  3. What is a DP 340 code and where do you get these codes. Larry
  4. We are currently on a cruise ship but almost missed the “boat”. We were called to Guest Services after we boarded. Apparently our Moderna shot records on our Covid immunization card was missing the batch/lot number of the serum they used for one of our shots. Luckily we had sailed on this ship a couple of weeks before, and they had copies of our paperwork showing we had already been cleared the first time on the ship. Otherwise, our Covid immunization card could have been determined to be “fake” and we might have been taken off the ship. The solution to this problem is to contact your local health department or pharmacy where you received your vaccination and get a printout that will show the lot number of the vaccine you took. DO NOT alter your Covid vaccine card. Just attach the printout to your card. This is very IMPORTANT. We have no idea if this was a random check and we just hit the profile or they are checking everyone’s card. Good luck. Larry and Darlene
  5. They would test you if you had to fly home from the cruise so why not test you to go on an RCCL cruise. Or simply tell them you need the test to fly home. Just go to customer relations day 2 or 3 and have them arrange a test date for the next next to last day and make sure you get a hard copy of the results.
  6. Glad they changed their decision on the blocks.
  7. You might want to call Crown and Anchor and see if they or resolutions can help once you explained what the agency told you. Maybe Royal will now be willing to take over the booking so that you don’t lose your money or the cruise. Larry
  8. “A vaccine will remain required for anyone sailing from Seattle to Alaska who are 16 years of age or older, and those 12 or older as of Aug. 1.” This is from the website Royal Caribbean blog....com web site. I am sure it is some where on the Royal website if you can find about requirements for sailing Alaska.
  9. I wish they would get rid of Jamie’s from all the ships. We have had two experiences and would never return to them. Have had much better meals in the Giovannis restaurant. But each of us has our own preference.
  10. If you will be cruising a few times a year you may want to look at the Allianz insurance ANNUL policy.
  11. 5 NIGHT Western Caribbean Cruise LEAVING FROM: Tampa, Florida, onboard Brilliance of the Seas VISITING:Tampa, Florida | Cruising | Cozumel, Mexico | George Town, Grand Cayman | Cruising | Tampa, Florida
  12. The Brillance leaves out of Tampa on Dec 24, 2021 for five night but that might be cutting it to close for you. I don’t know which airport you would fly out of but take a look at prices now or use RCG air 2sea program so that if the cruise is cancelled you will not have to pay air fare and if it’s put on your reservation you would not pay for it until final payment. However air 2 sea many not be the cheapest.
  13. I was told don’t store your luggage under the bed so that if there are bed bugs you are less likely to bring it home with you. We have always managed the the two large suit cases and the two carryons in the closet. Any other small babes put them in the big suitcases. Larry
  14. Cat girl Just curious where you were able to learn the above info.
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