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  1. Thanks for the update as I just noticed it when I did our paper work for the X-Press pass as we sail on the Eclipse March 10th. The link you gave explained everything and we will never go above Pearl. Larry
  2. try this link .....it will give you a pdf of the deployment schedule that I found by using google. http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/C…n_Schedule.pdf if the link does not work google 2015-2016 celebrity cruises deployment Larry
  3. We used Smart cruise tours for five excursions in May while in on a cruise in the Mediterranean and they were terrific. They worked with us all the way to plan and accommodate the places we wanted to see but were not part of the set tour. We were a group of 4 on three excursions, a group of six on another and a group of seven on another. Guess you had a bad day. It really depends on how much you try to see in one day. If you squeeze too much in for one day you will be disappointed. Julia always let us know if were trying to plan too much for one day. Funny that you say you read poor reviews. While we were researching tour operators we found good reviews. No tour company is perfect but there were a lot more good reviews than bad. May you have better luck next time you plan excursions. Larry
  4. We used Smartcruisetours.com a few weeks ago for five excursions and they were great except for one hic-cup and that was the fact that the Driver for Florence/Pisa spoke almost no English but Julia from Smartcruisetours immediately apologized for the error and would never use that driver again once she received my wife's email the same tour of the tour, in fact we were still on tour when she sent the email. We used them in Rome, Naples, Venice, Florence/Pisa and one other stop which escapes me at the moment . Julia is great to work with and will adapt the tour to your needs and desires. We found their prices to be better than any other tour group we checked out. I believe you will also find great reviews for them on Trip Advisor. Good Luck. In two tours we were a group of six and the others we were only a group of four. Hope this helps. Larry
  5. Our tags came today and we had ordered them on August 14th so they must have finally caught up. Does that mean we can start packing even though our cruise is not until November 2nd though we fly on the 31st of October.:D larry
  6. what are zip ties or are they the same thing that I call cable ties. Just wondering what they were as they might be better than what I am thinking of and where do you usually get your zip ties. Learned about them on our Mariner TA thread and ordered them. Ordered our luggage tags a few weeks ago but are still waiting but we dont get on the ship until November 2nd so we have lots of time. Thanks, Larry
  7. If the airline changed your flight times then you should be able to change without a charge. Call crown and achor if have problems with choice air Hi Peter..........How are you guys doing. Larry ( and Darlene too)........and if you dont remember us thats okay.;)
  8. off them one hundred...........If they want to make some extra money rather than leave it empty they will say yes. Unless they find a sucker that will pay 740.00 extra..........:D Larry
  9. Great advertisement for RCCL. I wonder who came up with the idea to do Hairspray live from the Atlantic. This should be interesting. Thank you SF2 for the info on the time. Larry
  10. Sherry and Ivor, Congratulations on your son's wedding. Enjoy the reception tomorrow. Larry
  11. Glad to hear you found all your other threads.:) Hello to all the members of the L O S T cruise. Looking forward to seeing all those we have cruised with before and those we have met on the other roll call for more than a year. Larry
  12. Have been on the Explorer several times...........no difference other than location ........ location.............location........... Larry
  13. http://cruisett.com/ships.php Here is another thread but you have to pay for the info but it was a great site when it was free. http://www.cruisecal.com/portal/ Larry
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