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  1. Does the hallway for the staterooms on deck 11 open up to the deck or must you go down to Deck 10 to access the outdoor area?
  2. Thanks for the info,, I appreciate it. Does anybody know how much the name change fee is? Just curious.
  3. Room is paid in full although we are still outside the 90 day cancellation. Son has broken up with his girlfriend who is listed on the reservation. Son still plans on staying in the room by himself. Do we have the gals name taken off the reservation right away? Do we keep her name on it in case he asks another friend to go along and just do a name change? I would assume that as long as son pays the gratuities for two that RC wouldn't care if she is just a "no show" ? Anybody with any knowledge or suggestions on how to handle the situation would be helpful.
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