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  1. We had a dining credit from a big box TA and it showed on our account as refundable OBC.
  2. Thanks for everyone's input! So dining in Eden doesn't result in a great seat or anything to that effect, that is if they have a show that night?
  3. In your opinion, what is the best time to book a meal at Eden to best enjoy the show?
  4. Definitely spend lots of time reading the Alaska forum. You’ll see all sorts of pros and cons for round trip vs. open jaw, glacier bay vs. Hubbard glacier, celebrity vs princess, etc. We’ve taken 2 Alaska cruises, one on Celebrity (Hubbard) and one Holland America (Glacier Bay). We definitely have our preferences, as do others. For us, our Vancouver to Seward sailing with Hubbard viewing was definitely the Alaska experience we were looking for. Cruising Glacier Bay was a nice afternoon, but not the wow experience we were expecting based on reviews we had read. A friend recently asked for our suggestions before booking a cruise to Alaska. In my opinion the itinerary is more important than the cruise line. I suggested open jaw from Vancouver to Seward or reverse. Hubbard and Icy Straight Point were awesome and should try to be included. Then add on 5 nights before or after (depending on starting point) to DIY visit the typical stops you would visit if on a cruise tour. We took a cruise tour on our Celebrity cruise and it was awesome, but in hindsight we could have easily done this on our own.
  5. Zitsky, if at least some of your OBC was from your TA based on a % of cost then the OBC would be reduced.
  6. I'm a newbie to the covid insurance discussion. I just used this tool to price out insurance for a future cruise. They give an option for cancellation and no cancellation coverage. Obviously they result in different costs. If you choose the no cancellation rate would the Celebrity covid plan cover the cancellation of the cruise part? In other words, does choosing no mean you'd be covered for the cost of hotel if you need to quarantine, cost of evacuation if needed, etc?
  7. I have a booking from BCC and it does not show AI, but the base price matches what shows online with AI included. When I made the reservation the representative clearly said the rate included AI and refundable deposit. Mine is a discounted rate, not a comped cruise.
  8. If your friend is the other person in your cabin then they are permitted to attend the same events that the elite+ person attends. For example, the CC 5-7 Happy Hour, the Elite Officers event, CC morning breakfast, and the wine tasting event. These events offer a limited menu of drinks as part of the event that the elite passenger and their cabin mates can enjoy. However, the non-elite cabin mates do not get the HH drinks loaded on their cards, they don't get free laundry, no discounts, etc.
  9. I was able to book our select restaurant choices via the planner last month for a February Apex cruise.
  10. On our last visit to Santorini we purchased a transport ticket directly from the water taxi company for E21 per person. When we arrived in port jumped on a tender as quickly as we could, then hurried to the ticket booth that is right across from the dock and purchased tickets on their water taxi to Oia. The ticket included the water taxi to the dock below Oia, a bus trip up to the Oia bus terminal, the bus from Oia to Fira, and the cable car down to the dock. We ended up on the same water taxi used by Celebrity and were actually able to make it on the first trip to Oia. After we spent hours in Oia we took one of the buses from the bus terminal back to Fira where we were able to shop. My DH and I took the cable trip down while my son walked the donkey path. Although the cable line looked verrry long it moved quickly and we made it to the bottom before my son did. This cost significantly less than the Celebrity excursion and was exactly the same route.
  11. We've also gone to guest services to trade in our debarkation time when we needed an earlier or later time.
  12. Reach out to Celebrity Cruises special needs services. You fill out this form https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/Celebrity-Guest-Special-Needs-Form.pdf They will see to it that distilled water and extension cords are placed in your staterooms on the day of your arrival. There is no cost for this service.
  13. You buy chips at the table. Just pass your cash to the dealer. The dealer will then give you colored chips distinctive to you so you and the dealer can track what you put on the board. After each turn the dealer will clear off the losing bets and pay out the winning bets. When you are finished you scoop up your chips and cash out at the window.
  14. You could always book the Celebrity tour and then cancel it a couple days before the trip if you don't think you'll meet the criteria. Last time I checked Celebrity gave 100% refund for cancellations made within 48hrs of the excursion.
  15. This has changed. Now you just pay the difference between cost of drink, plus tax and gratuity on that drink. However, some people upgrade to the premium drink package to access a different level of bottled water, specialty coffees, etc. It’s not just alcohol based drinks.
  16. Also there seems to be a more recent concern about time between vaccines if a person received doses from 2 different products. Celebrity has a summary of this in their posted FAQs.
  17. If I were in your spot I’d call my TA, or celebrity if you booked direct, and book a 1A cabin, then use the savings to book a 3 or 4 day specialty dining package. Murano is my favorite restaurant at sea. You may need to be rebooked to downgrade but it will still save you lots of $. The Solstice is a very nice ship.
  18. There is no outlet near the bed. You are not permitted to bring your own extension cord and if you do it will be confiscated. You’ll need to work with your room steward who will set you up with an extension cord and a bottle of distilled water at no charge. I believe the rest of your questions have been answered. Have fun!
  19. Simply Sail for these later dates must have some tie in with occupancy rates. I'm booked on 3 cruises and none of them are listed under Simply Sail and all 3 seem to be popular based on current cabin rates.
  20. Yes, footnote #5 relates to specialty dining.
  21. Your cabin may be part of a group that your TA reserved while cabin rates were low. I was able to book a cabin with AI on Apex for a rate that is more than half of the current posted rate.
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