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  1. funny...but when I was reading topics about lanyards most Diamond and Platinum card holds don't like lanyards.
  2. Quick question. I understand the loyalty program, the more points the better the perks. However, why do we have to have colors on our sign and sail cards(blue, red, gold, platinum and diamond)? Are those so the staff can tell where you are on the point scale?
  3. I am also sailing in June 2020 on the Panorama and I haven't seen FTTF being offered for my sailing. Maybe they are waiting until she sails before they start offering it?
  4. 497 Carnaval Panorama. So excited we are under 500 days!
  5. I agree. The wifi on the Vista was great. We used Skype to call home. We could upload to social media without any problems.
  6. My husband and I were in that room during the 5/15/2018 sailing and they must have fixed it because the lock worked and it was fine and no creaking. We also had cigarette butts and ashes on our patio and deck also. The crew thought it was thrown over from the cabins above. It was disgusting.
  7. We just rented from Budget. Picked it up at the airport and returned it about 2 miles from the port. My husband dropped me and the luggage at the port and returned the car. They offered shuttle service back to the port. I waited about 15 minutes for him. Quick and easy.
  8. I just got off the Vista on Saturday. Daniel and Enzo were there most of the time. There were 3 others that floated in and out all week. They took care of both outside and inside bars. The outside bar was open from 10am - 7pm. After 7pm you had to order drinks at the inside bar. The inside bar closed at a different time all week. We had a great time and enjoyed the pool area every day!!!!
  9. So one doesn't replace the other? The White party is inside and the 80's party is a deck party.
  10. Hello Fellow Cruisers - going on the Vista April 15, 2018, is the deck party a white party or 80's dance party?
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