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    Veendam Review - 2/24 - 3/9

    Hi all! This is my first experience with HAL. DH and I will leave out of Tampa after visiting for a couple of days with relatives. We are in bad need of a vacation. This year got off to a rough start. First he broke his ankle at work, then I got "down" in my back, and then our little dog Emmy got sick. But we are on our way to recovery. Thursday with a little help from above, he will get that boot off and start wearing real shoes again. My physical therapy has been helping me tremendously and I will be "discharged" this Friday. Any Ms. Emmy is all better now too. So, looking forward to a lovely relaxing cruise. Only thing I dread is the long drive to Tampa but we'll make it somehow. I wonder if there are others who are traveling on this particular cruise. I haven't seen any posts re same. We received word today that our guaranteed cabin is now an authentic assignment. That's a relief. Bye for now!!