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  1. The thing is, I did cruise on Meraviglia recently, as you can see in signature,as well as Divina many many times!
  2. I had no idea earned status can be lost.
  3. You are way ahead of me! As you can see my Seaside was cancelled so I still want to do that and Armonia. How are you doing ?
  4. Hey Capital Barry..... How are you doing? Take care of yourselves.... Cori
  5. Not to get political, but some already have! This is nothing to do with the administration...this administration worked faster than the last when we had swine flu shutting down areas of travel as fast as he could.Maybe Congress could have done something faster but they have been consumed with impeachment hoax as well as many other hoaxes to rid us of this administration. This President reacted faster and did more than any other in terms of protection of our people. He said not to be hysterical over this, in actuality it is less than regular flu deaths in a particular year, but he was not undermining the severity of this .... He said go on with life and take precautions necessary as you would in flu season. This forum is NOT the place for anyone to say anything negative about how this is being handled by the administration and the CDC. Stop making this political as the media is doing.... this is their last chance to throw shade to this admin and blame for this and the media is making it bigger than it is to sensationalize and make the country scared and not trust the admin. Enough.... if you are at risk then you should take precautions, other than that, wash hands , wash hands , wash hands! Also, we must give credit to all the cruise lines who have given such lenient cancellation policies to help make these decisions to cancel not a financial one. Also we must thank them all for working so hard once on the ship to make sure we are all safe with the extreme cleaning and screening measures they are taking.
  6. Getting the same reaction from everyone about going on our cruises. But good point about the housekeeping. Do we really need so much cross sanitation from one room to another? I was thinking of asking the cabin steward to not come in daily. I do not need the bed made and the bed turned down. I am not a slob in the room so there is really no cleaning needed. New towels we can exchange...
  7. I do not know how MSC splits the tips between housekeeping and dining service but for RCCL and Celebrity it is pooled fleet wide and then divided up. Tips from current sailings are usually given 2 weeks later. This is what I was told.
  8. Usually bar bills include a percentage tip. They are not included in daily service charges.... it is head waiter, maitre de, waiter, assistant waiter, cabin steward and his assistants which include the laundry people.
  9. Bar staff are not included in the daily service charge. Tipping bar staff is customary and added to bills. If you have a package, tip a dollar and they do remember you. If you are trying to figure out what to give people then just leave the automatic ones in place , then you do not need to worry. Its done for you.
  10. The food at the buffet was better than the food onboard the ship!! The mahi mahi had a mango salsa and was great. The burgers were hot off the grill and juicy. The entire salad area had some great selections. I said the Food trucks are great because the buffet has a limited time. When the buffet is closed the food trucks are a great addition to where to go for food. Also, gives you something to grab if going back off the ship at a later time. The menus for the food truck included a veggie burger with salads, as well as burgers, hot dogs and some other choices.
  11. I think the food trucks are wonderful!!
  12. Pay the five percent charge and take it out at the cashier in the casino!
  13. Lyft is always less money for us each time. Also, if you are new on the app it should give you a few free rides or percentage off or $ off. Have fun!
  14. Lyft is less than uber. Order two if needed, still less than the shuttle or a taxi.
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