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  1. For the pizza, the 2nd one looks like papa johns or a chain pizza. I LOVE pizza on MSC and it is the closest to the NY style pizza we love. As for saying about the entertainment, we love the entertainment the most on MSC, but do miss stand up comedy, so we do cruise other lines. MSC level of singers and dancers, IMHO is superior to any other cruise line. The singers can sing and the dancers dance. I have grown to love opera night because they do it so well. The voices heard give me goosebumps. I do not quite understand how you had a negative balance since you spent some in the chop house and then there were tips... The layout of the ship where you complained is very similar to the issues when we sailed ccl. It was the galley in the middle so you had to go up around and down. This is found on many cruise ships not only ccl and msc. Been on Pcl where this was an issue with some stairwells that just stop. This should never be a real issue unless you are unable to walk. Msc brings a lot of things that many lines do not. You have to be able to know the line and accept it as being something different. They have the most beautiful ships, and the staff are always friendly and willing to help. Keep cruising and enjoying each cruise as it is.
  2. Not sure why my post got quoted.... did I do something in error?
  3. Europeans order sparkling water..... no tap water is available on the European Cruises.
  4. Before final payment. The agent fills out a form.
  5. That is true if you book a balcony or higher. Oceanview and inside cabins get 5% with military.
  6. Port side or starboard side should not matter since many times the ship backs into the slip when in port so you just do not know which side will be shore side views. GO with the best location based on your needs. I always like being above and below other cabins. Some people love close to elevators and some love aft or forward. Its all based on YOUR cruising preferences.
  7. Plenty of fish choices and vegetarian options and pasta no meat options onboard without the extra kosher charge if you are not needing specific koshered food.
  8. I was pretty shocked, but it all worked out great finding Rony easier to work with. If a tour operator cannot make himself understood I also thought it was his job to answer questions. His site is a bit confusing and I even admitted I was confused with some pricing and what was included. He was not transparent at all...a big red flag!
  9. I asked many questions to field questions from a group and after trying to pin him down on pricing and such he told me to go use someone else, that it is obvious there is a communication error. This was from VICTOR himself. He was not interested to make sure I fully understood tour options and pricing. I asked too many questions! This has always been a red flag for me if a vendor does not answer all the questions. If I as a client has questions it is his job to fully explain. I even admitted it was a bit confusing. It was the best thing though. I am using Ronys tours and he is wonderful to work with.
  10. West bay is the best area to snorkel right off the shore. Plenty of vendors to rent kayaks from and diving opportunities too. Nice restaurant bars. Inexpensive and fast water taxis to West End if you so desire.
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