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  1. Something we have done a couple of times is Jamaica Culinary Tours. You walk around Falmouth and learn about the history there and visit about 4-6 different places for tastings of local food. Takes about 3-4 hours, and has been an excellent time! Very well run, and we felt very safe walking around Falmouth with the guides. http://jamaicaculinarytours.com/home Jeff
  2. We always consider the itinerary before purchasing. If there are a lot of port days, probably won't get it. But lots of sea days, especially on a transatlantic, definitely worthwhile!
  3. Congrats!! This is the start of an addiction! I remember the first time we did 2 in 1 year, or even had 2 booked at the same time, and it was like WOW. We currently have 6 booked, but that is nothing compared to a lot of people who have 2 or 3 times that number. I can't imagine trying to plan and keep up with that many cruises as 6 seems to be a lot to keep up with! Welcome to the club!
  4. I think getting an email is hit or miss. Just got assigned for a cruise in Oct 2020, and only found out by logging in. Have another GTY in Feb 2020, and no assignment yet. I would keep checking.
  5. Agreed!! Probably the best "cast" show in the fleet that isn't broadway.
  6. I too am warm natured and on our trip, both inland and the cruise, I pretty much wore shorts all the time, and kept a lightweight jacket handy for chilly or windy days. Did wear jeans when we went into Denali, and also for Hubbard Glacier, but that was about it. Like everyone says...layer, and don't worry about bringing fewer heavier clothes and then using them multiple times as needed. We definitely brought more than what we really needed. Now we know for next time!
  7. And that is exactly why we chose them...excellent reviews, which were spot on, and a more reasonable price. Great people running it as well!
  8. We did Wings over Kauai, and absolutely loved them! Really just a matter of personal preference over choosing a fixed wing or helicopter tour. Either way, I think you will have a great time!
  9. If you are talking the space between cabins 1377 and 1391 and also 1677 and 1691 that is where the crew staircase and elevators are. Where they bring the luggage up, and also for room service deliveries, and any other crew access as needed.
  10. Thank you for that info! Great that you were assigned so soon after booking.
  11. This is in the secured area of the cruise port. Can't remember the exact location, but you can get patties there.
  12. Thanks Bob! I have been checking there from time to time.
  13. So, when you are finally assigned a cabin number, do you get an email to find that out, or does it show up when you log in on the Royal site, or you just have to call to find out?
  14. Ice show is first come first served. In my opinion, pizza at Sorento's has improved quite a bit from what it used to be.
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