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  1. And I think that is the best way to accomplish this if needed. Sort of like the airlines do (or did) when flights were overbooked. Offer something for people to volunteer to cancel or change their sailing date, otherwise go back from latest bookings to get the number left needed. Hopefully this will just be a for a short time period once things start back up.
  2. Yes, our cruise was PIF. It was an April TA. We did the refund request online on May 1, and refund was posted to cc on May 16. Not sure about your situation since you canceled before royal canceled your cruise. Good luck!
  3. We did! Requested refund from FCC on May 1, and refund posted to CC on May 16! Great job Royal!!👍
  4. We were issued FCC's and then changed to a refund request. Took a total of 15 days from date of request to refund posting to CC. Great job Royal!!👍
  5. Offer Popeye's chicken sandwiches on Sunday!
  6. I think you have to "lift and switch" before the cruise would be canceled. Once canceled I think options are either a refund or FCC.
  7. At the normal 90 days before your new sailing date.
  8. Yes, but it was just a $30 difference for us, so not a big deal.
  9. I had to call a second time as well. I think the first agent just put me on hold for minutes without even speaking to resolutions, cause everything he was telling me as to why we couldn't change was incorrect.
  10. You have to move your booking by Aug 1 2020, but as long as your new booking meets all the criteria you have till April 2022 for the new bookings to said. So, I would say any sailing departing before April 2021 can be moved within the 1 year window.
  11. From what I was just told, the category has to match. We changed a 3B to a 4D on Explorer to be able to move to a 4D on Odyssey.
  12. Finally having success in making the change. Only change we had to make is we were booked in a "B" cat on Explorer which isn't offered on Odyssey, so we changed EXP booking to a "D" cat and can now change to a "D" cat on Odyssey.
  13. Ken, thank you so much for that!! Wish I had it for the prior agent I was talking to. I didn't feel like he knew what he was saying.
  14. Was just told itinerary had to be the same and also must be same class of ship to make that switch. Have you heard that too?
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