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  1. Not sure how you figure that when it is costing us $104 pp for the 5 nights this way, where the 5 night dining package is $119 pp
  2. Please let us know if/when you hear back and if your tour is still on. We have 1 booked the following week and same situation. Thanks!
  3. I am glad to read this as we are planning to do the same on an upcoming 12 night cruise. Hoping to use the BOGO the first 2 nights and then the 3 night dining later in the cruise. Guess we can just check on boarding day and get everything set up then.
  4. I think FNDR is now gone....been replaced with a BOGO 2 night dining. Not a bad deal either. Paid $35 pp for 2 nights on Radiance.
  5. We have done this before too!
  6. Most recently booked 3 months ago for a cruise next year.
  7. EZCruise parking....have used them our last 3 times out of Galveston.
  8. Try this site.....usually gives a pretty good estimate. https://ride.guru/
  9. Another recommendation for Bernard's Tours. Very good company, and we had an excellent day! Thank you rum punch!!
  10. We have booked them a few times with just 2 and never had a problem
  11. That is what I always tell my wife when we are able to get one those cabins!! Bring some glitter!!
  12. Keep in mind, even though the ship is docked, it can sometimes take 30 minutes for the ship to be cleared to start letting passengers off. Like above poster stated, if excursion thru Royal, no problem, but otherwise, I would double check with the tour vendor to make sure about times.
  13. Those are excellent cabins.....junior suite size, for a balcony price! Yes, you get a larger balcony with great aft views. Bathroom is still regular cabin size, but still nice to have the extra room in the cabin and on the balcony!
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