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  1. She would think I had been abducted and now living in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"!! 🤣
  2. Sounds like a great cruise! But we have B3B on BR after Voyager. Sherri would REALLY lock me out if I tried to squeeze any more cruises into next year! You may have heard about that in the past.....
  3. Yes sir!! Adding more quarters to your pot everyday!! And dropping your name as often as we can too! Always in a good way
  4. We will be on both Voyager and Brilliance with you. Definitely planning Trash for BR....not sure about VY yet.
  5. Mon 25/04/22 Honolulu (Oahu, Hawaii) / USA 20:00 Tue 26/04/22 Kailua (Kona, Hawaii)* / USA 08:00 20:00 Wed 27/04/22 Lahaina (Maui, Hawaii)* / USA 07:00 23:59 Thu 28/04/22 Mount Kilauea (cruising) / USA 08:00 17:00 Fri 29/04/22 At Sea Sat 30/04/22 At Sea Sun 01/05/22 At Sea Mon 02/05/22 At Sea Tue 03/05/22 At Sea Wed 04/05/22 Seattle (WA) / USA 08:00 18:00 Thu 05/05/22 V
  6. That is the regular weekly sailings from Galveston....the TA has just the 2 port stops...and not very good ones.
  7. Don't know if you have seen the itinerary but I wasn't impressed by it. Only Malaga and Nassau as port stops.
  8. Maybe after we have had so many canceled, we can now get triple points to make up for it!!!
  9. Thanks again! Guess I just missed it when I first read the email. Saw it now!
  10. Thanks Ken! So, I guess there will be a separate letter coming for CP purchases, different from the one we received about the cruise cancellation?
  11. So at one time Royal was also offering 125% credit on cruise planner purchases....is that still being offered? And if it is, how do you go about taking advantage of that? Thanks!
  12. We had the same situation with a different B of A card. Not a big fan of using them, but sometimes when a card is branded, you have no choice.
  13. I am sure that will be a great cruise as well! You guys certainly live in the best area for many options to cruise without having to fly. Hope we get to cruise together again sometime in the near future....and perhaps get TRASHED as well!!
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