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  1. If she won't go, I will go with you!! Having the same discussion (with no success) here too!
  2. One would think if you are a LA, you should have been with Royal for some time, and have some pretty basic knowledge about the cruise line, and especially the ship you are on!
  3. The IT department will NEVER make another mistake!!
  4. Yes, it can still be done. Just did it in September for our cruise on Indy. Also, I walked and picked up car to come back and pick up wife and luggage after the cruise.
  5. So, we were on Indy a couple of weeks ago, and took a bottle into both Chops and Giovanni's and never charged (or even discussed) a fee! Nice to know that is still the case.
  6. Just off Indy, and yes we booked shows first day once on board. I think there was a paper schedule in our cabin of the show schedules, and can also be seen and booked through the app once on ship's wifi. Booking was very easy....more challenging was arranging dining around showtimes. Also, some shows are listed as V for vaxed only, or E for everyone. And in main theater vaxed area was lower deck and unvaxed was upper deck/balcony area.
  7. I think if your original booking was a balcony or lower, you only get the double points. You would have to had booked a JS or higher and then get the RoyalUP for the higher point total.
  8. Just used the facial recognition and it was GREAT!! From cabin to terminal though customs, and walked to pick up car all in under 20 minutes! No interaction with CBP at all, although I am sure they do random checks.
  9. And that is the greatest thing to come out of all of this!! I don't understand why some still refuse to get this done immediately!!
  10. Just going for the "world" dessert is enough to make it worthwhile. But we also enjoyed most of the other food too! And the experience is worth it.
  11. Being up on the helipad is excellent for glacier viewing. Yes, it does get cold, but it is so awesome!!
  12. Not that there's anything wrong with that!
  13. We ate there last Feb and it was great!! Agree with you and 100% recommend!!
  14. Can also be purchased in the cruise planner ahead of time for 30% off!!
  15. Even though you are in a colder climate, a Miami Vice always makes us happy on boarding day!!
  16. Great! Glad they were able to help you out!!
  17. And they even started wearing masks towards the end of the first week onboard. Hope she is doing OK. We really enjoy their videos!
  18. I thought those were the ONLY options to consider!! We will have a great time next year!!
  19. I just had the same thing trying to book a dining package. After 3 tries, I just called them to get it booked over the phone. 1-800-398-9819
  20. We had ours in Anchorage and on the Alaska RR. But I am sure they can be found in many port stops as well. Great breakfast or sandwich meat!
  21. You should be able to get an invoice immediately that shows the change of date, but with current pricing on that invoice. Usually in about 72 hours, they have the updated pricing with your price protection available on a new invoice that you can call and request. Sometimes that takes a little longer. Keep in mind taxes and fees will also be different on your new invoice.
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