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  1. Thanks Fenix, so maybe not everyone will be retirement age!
  2. Oh sure, I know all that. But you are having dinner onboard most nights and there is entertainment and music venues and such. So I just wondered if wandering around the ship in the evening, son might encounter his demographic instead of only mine.
  3. I'm trying to talk my 31 year old son (I'm 67) into going on the Hawaii cruise in January or February since my husband isn't interested. Will there be other younger adults on the ship, or is it mainly mature cruisers? I'll tell him he doesn't have to do anything with me if he doesn't want to (except share a cabin), but will there be others in his age range? He's not very gregarious but does enjoy participating in cruise activities - his only other cruise was when he was 20 on RCI Mariner. I think he'll enjoy the casual dress and meals. He was in Hawaii when he was 5 years old but doesn
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