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  1. Solent Richard

    St. Petersburg Tours

    Again, that sounds great. I found with Alla Tours that one could even tailor your visit if you have something special you wanted to see. In my case I wanted to visit the famous 'Stolle Pie Shop' and that's exactly what they organised... The other joy with Alla Tours is that they are there at the terminal first and you are away on tour before most others board their coaches.
  2. Solent Richard

    St. Petersburg Tours

    Good afternoon Stella. That is exactly what we did for our visit to St Petersburg. I wrote a review of our two days there and of the success of our 'private' tour. Here is the link... https://solentrichardscruiseblog.com/2013/05/14/one-way-to-do-st-petersburg/
  3. Solent Richard

    Concierge Lounge

    Definitely sub-standard on both Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth when compared to the size, service and and general ambiance of that on Queen Mary 2.
  4. Solent Richard

    Happy New Year

  5. Solent Richard

    Cunard a Winner in UK 2018 Awards

    Good news on this side of the Atlantic where at the 2018 British Travel Awards earlier this week Cunard scooped 'The Best Luxury Cruise Line' award... Still up there then.
  6. Solent Richard

    Wine packages, Internet and Dress Code

    Impressive. I like that Commodore Collection...
  7. Solent Richard

    Queen Victoria's Theatre

    Hi Moray Firth Cruiser. I was onboard Queen Victoria the day she sailed and had the opportunity during some free time, from filming, to take the odd photo. I hope these help answer your question... ...and this one from the first, and highest, of the boxes...
  8. Solent Richard

    Door decorating

    They certainly are OK with it, this was our Christmas crossing to New York on QM2 and, as you can see, we adapted a little due to the weight...
  9. Solent Richard

    New Cunard Promotional Video

    Yesterday my wife and I were invited by Cunard to take part in some new 'Promotional' material being filmed on Queen Victoria while she was in Southampton prior to sailing on her 24 night Caribbean Cruise... Once onboard we discovered that another Cunard devotee and regular contributor to this board had also been invited. We did a short question and answer session where we were asked to give our views on a number of Cunard related subjects before a separate filming session in the Grand Lobby. I believe that a similar session was also filmed on Queen Mary 2 the day before though I was very pleased to have been offered the Queen Victoria slot as I haven't had the opportunity to see her post refurbishment and she is my next Cunard sailing. I thought the Chart Room looked really swish... Between sessions we were treated to lunch in the Princess Grill which was a nice touch. It's good to know Cunard are keeping ahead in these promotional matters and very pleasing to know that it was genuine Cunard regulars that are taking part: as opposed to 'younger looking' film extras. PS. What a treat it is to have this new photographic upload facility on Cruise Critic.
  10. Solent Richard

    Dancing Shoes?

    Certainly do. In the good old days () when there was pre-dinner Queens Room dancing to the orchestra mine and my wife's dancing footwear never left our feet from the time we left our stateroom till we returned in the early hours. And of course, they are most comfortable as well.
  11. Solent Richard

    Mississippi River cruises

    Good afternoon MoneyGuy. My review of the American Queen is still less than a year old. We had a great time, here is the link... https://solentrichardscruiseblog.com/2018/01/24/american-queen-mississippi-christmas-cruise/
  12. Solent Richard

    Alaska Excursions.

    Okay, I wasn't there on a Cunard ship however, if the opportunity arises to take an excursion on the White Pass scenic railway then my recommendation is 'DO IT'. I wrote a review of the journey from Skagway to the Yukon Suspension Bridge. Here's a link that may well help you decide... https://solentrichardscruiseblog.com/2013/10/15/one-way-to-do-skagway-part-1/
  13. Solent Richard

    This Navigator Rerouting ?

    Indeed, this re-routing issue becomes even more interesting when one considers that Celebrity Silhouette left Southampton just 48 hours earlier to follow Navigator's original schedule to Boston and New York (as reported on a facebook group)
  14. Solent Richard

    This Navigator Rerouting ?

    Oh I'd beg to differ on Le Havre... https://solentrichardscruiseblog.com/2017/04/17/one-way-to-do-le-havre/ [/img]
  15. Solent Richard

    New P&O deals

    Nice one Day. You and I should have been investment bankers.