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  1. Looks like our 'friends' in the EU have a plan and there are some interesting points to note... https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/eu-healthy-gateways-issues-covid-19-guidance-restarting-cruise-operations?fbclid=IwAR1iJ0m12fjaLvMa_YYkBZzVGSoEBJGxhuv1aISatDoteNKCntuHJrZrdnk In particular... "No doctor's note required There is no requirement that older people or those with underlying health conditions obtain a doctor's note to cruise. However, anyone over 65 or those of any age with chronic disease (cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory) and immunocompromised individuals should be advised to see a doctor to assess if they are fit to travel, the guidance stated. Many recommendations cover familiar ground, but others seem new."
  2. She's making good progress and earlier this morning cleared the Malacca Straits north of Sumatra. It must have been a real joy not to have had to call into Port Klang for yet another Kuala Lumpur visit. 😄😄
  3. Never personally been known to relax that bow tie myself but it does happen. Spot the two retired Naval Officers here in the G32 on a Formal Night...
  4. I know what you mean. My wife and I have always found the best nights to have 'space' to really do our thing is on the first night and the final night of a trans Atlantic. Then of course there is always the 'Tea Dance' which generally never sees the floor overcrowded.
  5. Already planned having this week received an email with video of our favourite Asian hotel... Just need to secure our Singapore Airline flights and we start holidaying as we did before cruising took over our lives.
  6. Thanks for this, I've copied it across to the QM2 facebook group that I administer. Should get you a few more hits.
  7. Thank you for the kind comment. Having noted your preferences then I can recommend, if you haven't already tried it, Hapag-Lloyd's Europa 2. Now that is my outstanding favourite and, like Cunard, you on't get into dinner unless you have a jacket on... https://solentrichardscruiseblog.com/2017/04/07/europa-2-asian-island-explorer/
  8. Good morning Eroller. I'd say that's about the perfect answer with aspects I would have pointed out had you not. I too have sailed with both lines on numerous occasions, Sky Suites when sailing as a couple and balcony on my odd 'solo' venture. As I'm very much itinerary driven as long as the quality and experience are good and I certainly don't adhere to the principle of sticking to one cruise line for the sake of it. To somewhat expand the dining experience though I'd point out for the OP's benefit that unless one is actually in Cunard's Grills then the main dining experience on Celebrity is a few shades better - as you rightly point out. What I do always appreciate with Celebrity though is that while there is a wider choice as to the level of dress on Celebrity the standard are always high and you certainly don't feel out of place in 'formal' wear... And while this may not go down too well in Cunard circles, given the choice of pre-dinner drinking venues, we'd definitely rate The Martini Bar above The Commodore Club for the overall 'social' experience. Cheers.
  9. We last stayed in a Queen Victoria P1 just over a year ago sailing between Singapore and Cape Town. I wrote a review which included a number of photographs of our accommodation if you are interested.... https://solentrichardscruiseblog.com/2019/05/06/queen-victoria-singapore-to-cape-town/ I believe there is always merit in taking photographs both to help others and clearly make your point in any cruise discussion.
  10. Spot on Bell Boy. Ive been reading the same on the Cunard fb groups that I administer: which all have crew links... As you say..." she is coming home to where she belongs'.
  11. Wow, that was lucky. Same number of days but some ports missed (Bali and Darwin for starters) and others added (Manila and Rabaul) with a deficit of 4 ports in total. I trust Cunard offered the same price and package.
  12. Er yes, but surely that just adds to the customer frustration who, after all, pays the commission eventually.
  13. Yes, Ive noticed those emails myself, I subscribe to many TAs purely for ideas then place my business with a real Cunard specialist.
  14. Sensible comment which I agree with entirely, particularly the contributor base analysis.
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