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  1. That's a pretty fine summary and I can only add that on a daily basis Virgin food was not a patch on Oceania's and that is where my money would go if I was required to make such a choice.... https://solentrichardscruiseblog.com/2013/03/21/oceania-nautica-dawn-of-civilisation-cruise/
  2. Well, er yes... This cost us and our companions a supplement of $70.00 each...
  3. That's exactly as we used the bar tab purchase and had no problem at all.
  4. Good morning. Apologies for the late response. I guess I could start with the two main issues, Dining and entertainment. I'm a recent convert to 'Freedom' dining however, on Scarlet Lady, which was by no means cruising to capacity, unless you were very fast out of the traps, most times at one's restaurant of choice were shown as 'booked' or 'unavailable. On entertainment, while I thoroughly enjoyed what was on offer but did note that the sizes of those venues were not really conducive to catering for a 'full capacity' ship and again, the hassle of programming in an entertainment conducive to one's dining programme presented numerous difficulties. Of course I'm sure Virgin Cruises will, in time, iron out the glitches with the app and its technology but that then only presumes us older 'traditional' cruisers have the modern equipment to use it. I did say I was fortunate in that my iPhone is only a year old but that is the exception not the rule: so I understand anyway. I traditionally write a review on my blog in a manner that indicates how I found a ship. You may recall my opening statement regarding 'short' taster cruises and then in the summary expanded on that statement. I trust this goes some way to answering your question. *****
  5. So we were, what a shame we couldn't have met up. I've now caught up with your reviews and photographs. Great minds eh? Had you noticed that Virgin Voyages snook in VAT onto their prices before we cleared UK waters?
  6. More great coverage of the 20th August weekender aboard Scarlet Lady @peteukmcr . Between us we certainly had most aspects covered. We were well pleased with Micheal, the Beverage manager who, when I eloquently made my point regarding the non availability of Chianti in the Italian Restaurant, Extra Virgin, found booths and our companions a surprise bottle by the time we returned to the cabin...
  7. I've just completed my review of our dalliance with Richard Branson's Virgin take on cruising. The review on my cruise blog was for a short three day weekender on Scarlet Lady. Here's the link... https://solentrichardscruiseblog.com/2021/09/04/virgin-scarlet-lady-long-weekender/ ***** *****
  8. I hear Queen Elizabeth is having a good visit to Liverpool today...
  9. While hosting a small 'Sunset' Party here on the Solent yesterday evening we were anticipating waving to many of our facebook group friends who were sailing yesterday on Queen Elizabeth. It so happened that we had the added bonus of Queen Victoria also passing having made a logistics call into Southampton that same day. Just thought I'd share how we watched both Queens pass... ***** As I type this Queen Elizabeth is currently just south of Lands End.
  10. If that is, like mine, a real plus then I can highly recommend the two new Saga ships, They have one of the best forward observation decks I've experienced... *****
  11. Good afternoon Sir. Thanks for that and you're spot on, it is one near and dear to me as a keen photographer and cruise blogger. I'd already considered an early recce to find such a spot for the Portsmouth departure. When on MSC Preziosa 18 months ago I did use the Yacht Club 'One Pool' area. It wasn't easy, needed to complete a mini obstacle coarse before using the gaps in the glass windbreaks. So I accept the challenge and again thank you for the heads up. One further question if I may. I have registered my Halifax Clarity credit card for any additional expenditure. Can I assume they automatically charge your card in US$ and don't try that con of converting to one's own currency. In the past I've had to ensure this with both Cunard and Celebrity. Thanks again for your exceptionally good advice.
  12. Hi Les, that's a great answer and completely covers my question. Just sorry you had to spend so much time re-typing. At least we now know what to expect - fore armed is fore warned so as to speak. We are a 'linked ' party of four and frankly should have little problem scoring a 'flopper' on Richard Branson. Thanks again for your response.
  13. Hi there. Just one from me as we are talking bar tabs. Do you know if one's Sailor's Loot has flexibility. My booking came with $100 On Board Credit (OBC) and we utilised the Virgin Bar tab offer of 'pay $300 get $400. So we hit the ship with $500 in total. What I'm trying to establish is do they discriminate between OBC and Bar tab credit please? For example if I spend over $100 on logo'd items would they take the balance from my total or charge my credit card for that particular difference? Cheers in advance.
  14. And here's what we've waited for. Once again Disney Magic going nose-to-nose with Queen Elizabeth... Bon Voyage Bell Boy and other friends.
  15. Congratulations Minnie and well done you. Try this for a taster... https://solentrichardscruiseblog.com/2013/12/23/dining-with-a-princess/
  16. Congratulations Minnie and well done you. Try this for a taster... https://solentrichardscruiseblog.com/2013/12/23/dining-with-a-princess/
  17. Easy to understand why some folk are jealous and 'green' with envy, particularly when they have 4 or 5 Cunard cruises booked and, for what ever reason, missed the showcase return this evening. Thankfully I didn't have all my eggs in one basket and, with a little luck, will be 'on the water' this time next week. 😉
  18. While we now have Queen Elizabeth on visual just off Fawley Refinery the real show in front of us is Queen Mary 2 going nose-to-nose with Disney Magic. Shame the light is fading fast but hey, Cunard are back at sea.
  19. Patiently waiting for friends and true Cunarders to pass Solent Towers. We have the House Flag flying...
  20. Just thought I'd update this board with good news of the boarding of Queen Elizabeth today taken from one of my facebook groups... Well I’ve arrived, everything was in my favour this morning ,from arriving at the Mayflower Covid centre( at 11.45) to dropping my car off with CPS ( at12.15) by the time I walked into Ocean terminal I receive the Text I was waiting for ......Covid test negative ! Once inside ocean terminal I was escorted to the check-in for a quick check over of my paper work .....AND ! I believe I was the 12th passenger to board at 1pm .....to a welcome of a line of Bell Boys , Senior Cunard Management, Housekeeping ,Waiters etc etc ,Clapping .
  21. Well they certainly sorted it out by today. Scarlet lady sailed almost on time and I was there to capture the event... Bows on... ...and passing the Spinaker Tower... It won't be long, yeh, yeh, yeh...
  22. Just two more, having passed the Spinaker Tower... ...and in the harbour entrance... Bon Voyage @manateemike67 .
  23. As promised, I pitched up at Gosport on time and here's a selection of Scarlet Lady's departure.First up rounding HMS Prince of Wales... ...and Bows on to me... Adjacent Portsmouth's Spinaker Tower...
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