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  1. I called Evergreen Taxi - -The gentleman I spoke with said to call or book online - evergreen taxi.com -about a week before. He said that’s plenty of time. -He confirmed the approximate $35 each way - then the $17 per person to get in the park/ visitor center etc. -He said talk to driver on the ride out about the approximate pick up time. -Just chatting with him, he said on a sunny day if folks like doing trails and visitor center, etc you can spend up to 3.5-4 hours there and if it’s rainy, two hours is average. He said July ‘tends to be’ sunny. That’s when I’m going.


    Oh wow! That’s great to know. Thanks for the glowing report!
  3. I booked this combo. Train\bus with Chilkoot in July. The 7.5 hour trip. Goes to Emerald Lake. Looking forward to it.
  4. I’m thinking it can only help. I certainly hope! Walkoff with all that luggage is a bear - we’ve done it a lot, and usually have an early flight so are always rushed, so this seems to be a treat! I’ll only have my carry-on. We have 5 adults so I’ll get us a car service. A cab won’t be large enough for 5.
  5. Someone posted the form for FLL. The earliest flight time allowed was 11:30 this was on a thread I found from 3 years ago. I’m leaving Seattle at 11:35 a m. Wanted to know if Seattle also uses 11:30 a.m. as earliest flight time. Thanks.
  6. Sorry - no. We have an early flight at 11:35. That’s why I’m asking for specific info. I can only find FLL not Seattle when I google.
  7. Does anyone have the Seattle EZ Check Form they can share? If not, would you know the earliest flight time a cruiser can have to partake in this service?
  8. These are on my list! Heading out two days prior for some Seattle fun! Have you been to any? I’ve only been to the Market. Thanks.
  9. Thanks I’ll check out Already There. We are at pier 91 -Princess. Early flight Home so leaning towards private car vs shuttle.
  10. Ok thanks so much. I’ll check out the West Coast Departure Boards!
  11. Hi. We are a party of 5 adults. When we arrive back in Seattle at the end of the cruise- since our flight is at 11:30- are we better off booking a private car service back to Sea-Tac or are cabs that fit 5 readily available. Time management matters. If you’re recommending a car service- I’d love recommendations. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the info Zuzu. Did they ask you to book Days / weeks ahead or Do you call upon arrival to the dock?
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