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  1. The Nov schedule shows both the Summit and Equinox docking in Crown Bay. This is where Celebrity is contracted to dock so unless there is some really unexpected and unusual reason you will not be in Havensight. You will still have time for the plans as Zach1213 outlined but make decisions on the conservative side as the trip back to Crown Bay is longer than to Havensight and traffic may be heavy when everyone is returning to the ship. Have a good trip. Hope this helps with your plans!
  2. tourismtessy - Glad you too got to experience Honeymoon Beach before it was "discovered". I looked at your 2013 blog. I almost cried when I remembered what it "used to be." It is no longer the quiet, serene beach that it used to be. Anyone considering a visit will have fun but not expect the conditions shown on your lovely blog. The excessive use and the hurricanes have taken a toll on this beach. We were on the beach recently when the photos below were taken.
  3. First I have to say that I have never done either excursion so I cannot make any comment on how strenuous it is to access or depart the pirate ship or the catamaran from the pier; I do however live near the beach portion of these excursions. Passengers on the pirate boats do require some agility if they wish to enjoy beach time. The pirate boats anchor a couple of hundred feet from shore. Passengers must climb down a ladder on the side of the boat and either swim to shore or climb into a dinghy to be brought to shore. Returning to the pirate ship is the reverse of this procedure. For people with no mobility issue it looks like fun but definitely more strenuous than some excursions. Catamarans can get closer to shore. They are able to get close enough that the ladders put people into the water where it is only about 5 feet deep. You get wet but it is possible to walk to shore. Not sure if this is the information you are looking for but I hope it helps. 😀
  4. Water Island is an OK beach with some limitations. Bathrooms are rustic. There are no showers or places to change. And if visiting on a heavy cruise day extra time must be allowed for the limited capacity of the ferry to and from the island. If you wait for the last ferry before "all aboard" time you may end up on the the ship security's "naughty list" for being late.
  5. Travelcruzin: Just something for you to consider - During the "high" season (and February IS the "high" season) it is not always possible to find a vehicle for a 1-day rental. On-island visitors have them all on multi-day rentals. In February 2017 before hurricanes we wasted about 2 hrs after our arrival on St. John going from agency to agency looking for a 1-day rental. Safari taxis were always available. Not sure what the current inventory is now. It may be difficult to beach hop via safari but once you get on any one of the beautiful St. John beaches you won't want to leave anyhow!
  6. seagypsea - You have a realistic concern about the number of people on Honeymoon Beach when multiple ships are in St. Thomas. sltbold08 is reporting conditions on the day he/she was here. This is not the norm. Honeymoon is not usually the quiet uncrowded beach as described by summer visitors. During summer months (slow season) when only one cruise ship in port the beach can be just as sltbod08 described; however when multiple cruise ships are in STT and excursions are in full force this beach gets really crowded. Last week at mid-afternoon during a 4-ship day there were hundreds of people in this small cove. As an independent visitor you should also be aware of the limitations of the ferry. It is a small boat - only 25 passengers- nothing like the ferry that goes to St. John. The ferry runs at 4:15 and 5:15 pm are packed and the last ferry at 6:15 is too late for many cruise ship passengers. Hope this helps you make a decision for a wonderful relaxed day in the Virgin Islands. :)
  7. You didn't say when you are sailing but at this time of year the sun sets earlier than most visitors from the states expect. The nearer one is to the equator the more equal the day/night cycle. Right now the sun is setting about 7pm and there is no long twilight. It gets really dark almost immediately. And yes the ferry runs late but not everyone is comfortable being that far from the cruise port after dark. It is a personal decision if the time on the beach is worth the cost of the trip (but St. John is beautiful). Hope this helps.
  8. Just goes to show how perception varies from one person to another. Yesterday this beach was sparsely populated. There were none of the larger mass market excursion boats that bring hundreds of cruisers to the island. When multiple boats are here at the same time not only are there no lounge chairs available there are times when it is hard to find a space to throw down a towel. LOL
  9. jean87510 - Really glad you had a good time at Honeymoon Beach today. But just so no one in the months ahead is mislead with expectations of visiting an "undiscovered" beach, the two days that you visited had the least number of visitors all season. The Summit was the only ship in port both of these days. With the normal number of cruise ships in St Thomas excursion after excursion brings hundreds of vacationers to this small beach. You were indeed fortunate to have been able to see some turtles, probably because by normal standards the beach was deserted today. Next time I hope you are as lucky! :)
  10. racerxspeedy - Glad you had such a nice visit. The walk you chose is quite interesting and I'm sure you saw a lot. If one is physically fit walking is a wonderful way to see the St Thomas. I posted the information about reaching Emerald Beach via taxi because I see lots of visitors for whom walking this distance would be too great especially in the heat of the day. I wanted guests to know they can reach and enjoy this beach without incurring huge taxi fares.
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