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  1. In the interest of clarity and to give a more accurate overall perspective of what a visitor to Water Island might expect I must respond to a recent post. I am happy the Mud_Shark had such a great day on Water Island and speaks of it in such glowing terms however he did NOT experience a typical day. Water Island’s Honeymoon Beach is a small beach that is heavily visited by excursion boats. Many days the excursions start arriving around 9am and continue until near sunset bringing hundreds of visitors. This is especially true during high season and when the larger cruise ships are docked in Crown Bay. If a visitor is not on an excursion, the island is accessed via ferry as Mud_Shark described. This ferry is not what most visitors are expecting – it is a small boat carrying only about 25 passengers. On many runs transportation demand exceeds capacity which causes wait times of up to an hour while ferry makes subsequent runs. In the morning coming over to Water Island this is usually only an annoying inconvenience – in the afternoon as everyone is trying to return to the ship at a specific time it can be a real problem unless one has planned for this contingency. Travel, even short distances, in the islands can take much longer than expected. With regards to the second beach identified as Limestone Beach – it is as Mud_Shark said, not a sandy beach. It is actually the windward rocky shoreline of the island with no designated swim area. It is accessible via a rough uneven trail and is it not recommended for swimming. There are no lifeguards anyplace on the island and the safety of visitors is of great concern to residents especially in the more remote areas. These observations are not offered to discourage anyone but to provide some factual information. Trip reports tend to idealize the experience and not consider the practicalities and potential for everything not going according to “plan”. Hope this response helps someone!
  2. Sea Turtles can still be seen some of the time at Honeymoon Beach but not as many or as frequently as in past years. The hurricanes and the excessive number of excursion boats in the surrounding waters resulted in a loss of sea grass where the turtles once grazed. On a big cruise ship day when 10 or more excursion boats (party barges, cats, sail boats, pirate ships etc) bring hundreds of passengers to the beach, most of the turtles head out to sea beyond swimming area.
  3. The Nov schedule shows both the Summit and Equinox docking in Crown Bay. This is where Celebrity is contracted to dock so unless there is some really unexpected and unusual reason you will not be in Havensight. You will still have time for the plans as Zach1213 outlined but make decisions on the conservative side as the trip back to Crown Bay is longer than to Havensight and traffic may be heavy when everyone is returning to the ship. Have a good trip. Hope this helps with your plans!
  4. tourismtessy - Glad you too got to experience Honeymoon Beach before it was "discovered". I looked at your 2013 blog. I almost cried when I remembered what it "used to be." It is no longer the quiet, serene beach that it used to be. Anyone considering a visit will have fun but not expect the conditions shown on your lovely blog. The excessive use and the hurricanes have taken a toll on this beach. We were on the beach recently when the photos below were taken.
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