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  1. In the interest of clarity and to give a more accurate overall perspective of what a visitor to Water Island might expect I must respond to a recent post. I am happy the Mud_Shark had such a great day on Water Island and speaks of it in such glowing terms however he did NOT experience a typical day. Water Island’s Honeymoon Beach is a small beach that is heavily visited by excursion boats. Many days the excursions start arriving around 9am and continue until near sunset bringing hundreds of visitors. This is especially true during high season and when the larger cruise ships are doc
  2. Sea Turtles can still be seen some of the time at Honeymoon Beach but not as many or as frequently as in past years. The hurricanes and the excessive number of excursion boats in the surrounding waters resulted in a loss of sea grass where the turtles once grazed. On a big cruise ship day when 10 or more excursion boats (party barges, cats, sail boats, pirate ships etc) bring hundreds of passengers to the beach, most of the turtles head out to sea beyond swimming area.
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