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  1. jop

    New Years Eve Cruise

    Great pictures I loved them I think we are just going to get a balcony on a carnival one to the bahamas it leaves on the 29th I believe and returns on the 1st the sea day is NYE but the idea of disembarking the next morning has me thinking that might not be the best idea...lol Thanks to all that responded.
  2. Has anyone ever done a NYE Cruise and if so is it worth the extra price to be cruising on New years Eve?:confused: Just thinking of doing one this year and never really heard too many people speak about it.
  3. According to Capers...Yes But they disembarked according to bag numbers given out 1-19 I believe. We got #9 and were off the ship and had our rental car by 10am Will finish the story later DH's dad pased away.
  4. Getting ready for dinner now. Formal night with the Grand Gala Buffet! I hope they have baked alaska... Here are just a few pics. See you all later and HAPPY CRUISING!!!!
  5. DH just walked out and rented it straight from the pier no reservations at all. I have to look at the receipt to see where I got the ammulite but will post it later. We did the Monkey/Pirates/Birds tour today and it was nice I got to hold the birds and the monkeys. Very high pressure sales reminded me of Jamiaca kids walking around following you asking to buy a bracelet for a dollar. I dont think one person we saw there understood the word NO!! Pics to come later
  6. Today was Belieze. We had a good time. It was nice and warmand the excursion I picked although nice wasnt the best probably but for 2 sunburned people it worked out just fine. We did the city tour to learn about the history and then the zoo. We had thought abou the baboon sanctuary but figured we could see them at the zoo as well as other animals in their natural habitat. We saw some nice animals but the Tapir, the national animal of Belieze tried to pee on our group of 15 and it can pee well over 10 feet. It did get one lady in our group!! DH got to play with and hand feed a Jaguar!!!!!!!!! We did a lot of shopping and made it back to the boat with about 30 minutes to spare. All in all a good time but the city tour was very long and drawn out Still have a lot of sunburn and i is very painful for both of us. We land in Roatan tomorrow morning and leave early so hopefully we can find a good time there also. DH took a nice nap and now we are geting ready for dinner. Puck is the entertainment tonight a hypnotist/comedian so hopefully it will be a lot of fun also. The people of Belieze were much nicer and friendlier then in Cozumel and no wher near as high pressure sales and we liked that. DH got his harley shirt. Well here are a few pictures The spa lasted about 1 1/2 hours total time. Farmacia was easy to find but the one in Belieze is right inside the tour terminal and was even cheaper! HAPPY CRUISING
  7. Krissy, If you drive all over the island like we did 95% was uncrowded an a nice relaxing drive. The only issue is once you get to the shopping area parking is hard but if get to the main drag with all the shops there is a public parking lot which has the letter E meaning parking on the same side as the shopping past Senor Frogs maybe 2-3 blocks and they charge 1.00 american per hour. I think for what we were able to see in the amount of time it is really worthwhile unless you just like laying at one beach and not moving around a lot. There are 2 places ships dock there we ended upat the farthest one from the shopping. If you dock at the one closest to the shopping I would rent the car and then return it and not worry about parking. We are now just stopping in Belieze. Pictures later tonight of Cozumel and Belieze both DH and I am still badly sunburned. I forgot I went to the spa last night and they had a special package including back and scalp massage, aromatherapy facial, sauna, steam and a foot and ankle massage for a special price of 119.99 for ladies night. WoooooHoooooo HAPPY CRUISING ALL
  8. Well today was Cozumel and the extra 2 hours we had was very nice. DH rented a jeep and off we went on our adventure. We drove all the way around the island and stopped at some very beautiful beaches and got some very good pictures. We saw the lighthouse and some Mayan ruins and actually learned a lot about the Mayan people. Next we headed downtown to do some shopping....finding a parking place was NOT easy. Finally we parked and started walking around. We stopped in a lot of shops and they are very pushy high pressure sales. DH told one guy that he would look in his shop after he came back from the Farmacia.....As soon as he walked out the guy was there and then even had the nerve to ask for a tip he said for directions. DH told him the sign was right there and I told you I was going there. Needless to say he wasnt happy about it. Moving on we did some more shopping and I got another Tanzanite piece to add to my collection and also something called Amulite a fossil polished that has some very nice colors. On the way back to the ship we dropped off the rental car and the guy from Budget who we rented the car from wasnt there so we hung out in the plaza with even more high pressure sales. One of them convinced DH to go upstairs which I heard someone say was basically a flea market. He kept lecturing DH on this ugly lime green shirt that had Harley-Davidson on it not even straight telling DH that it was a very special limited edition only available from his shop. DH had a field day with that one as he has Harley shirts from every country that we have ever been to and wont buy it unless it is officially licensed and then the guy who had to be about maybe 5'3" started yelling at DH to make up his mind and to either tell him if he was going to buy it or not then he was like how much will you give me for it....mind you he at first asked for 57 american dollars....DH came very close to being arrested for assault as he was going to throw him from the 2nd floor to the first. We stopped in the Duty Free store and he bought my boss a bottle of Frangelica which my boss loves and was only 19 in the shop. We boarded the boat and DH told them he had it and they didnt say a word and he took it to our cabin. We had strawberries delivered from the Casino host I guess for the amount he was losing they figured it would make up for it and then we also got a few free drinks from them also. Dinner was Filet Mignon for DH but he wasnt impressed said way too fatty for his liking. Lobster was the 1st formal night for dinner it wasnt full lobster just lobster tail. 2nd formal night is after Roatan. Tommorrow we head for Belize and will keep you updated from there. We are both sunburned from driving all over with the top down on the jeep and we forgot the sunscreen period this is going to be a very fun night sleeping.....(OUCH) HAPPY CRUISING!!!!
  9. More pics Tomorrow is Cozumel and we are excited although DH still feels the rocking of the boat a lot more than I do. I hope he doesnt get sick or anything......last time on the Liberty he caught the norovirus and spent the last 3 days confined to the cabin. Not sure of our plans for Cozumel just going to do what we want on our own. Belize is next and we plan on having a lot more pictures and then Roatan which I cant wait for I want to hold the monkeys so badly I cant wait I am sooooo excited. Will post more pictures tomorrow sometime have to watch the internet minutes Im already on 2nd package....lol Happy Cruising!!!
  10. Our sisters little girls dyed it blonde first then when he was sleeping they tried to dye it red and somehow it came out pink...lol :D He isnt that mad really besides they are only 6 and 10 years old.
  11. Last cruise DH lost 11,000 but the cruise before he won 34,000 so actually he is technically still ahead....lol No reason for me to castrate him. He placed 2nd in the Blackjack tourney tonight and then won while I was there 1500 just playing roulette. He works hard for his money if thats his vice then so be it. Besides when he gambles I get to shop :) More pics coming soon
  12. Just a few more pictures for ya'all!
  13. We hope you and all others make it as well. We did have a lot of plans for that stop but hey nothing we could do unless we wanted to gather other cruisers to sign a worthless petition......lol I will make sure DH takes me their next time...... Love the pic of your smuggled bottles.....DH brought aboard 14 bottles.....only 6 are left and he still has a 450 bar bill...... I do know DH is losing at the casino as I know he brought at least 3,000 in cash and has already used the sign and sail card for another 2,000....argggh:mad: Oh well its his money and hes enjoying himself thats all that matters!!
  14. DH can feel the ship moving almost all the time but he is very sensitive to those things I have felt it a few times. When we went into GC neither of us noticed any increased movement so I really dont know. Here is another little update with a few more pictures. Well we are now sailing towards Cozumel and will get an extra 2 hours there so thats nice although I really wanted to see Grand Cayman but such is life nothing is perfect. DH gave our room steward a nice tip and our room has been exactly how we want it all the time. He has even given us 2 robes and 2 towels. DH won a fair amount gambling already today. We went to Sea Feud and it was pretty good the host wasnt very good as she kept making errors on how many strikes the families had but all in all a nice time. I played a few games of BINGO and bought some things from the shops that were actually a bargain. DH has talked to so many people I think almost all of the Casino and Bar staff know him like they were best friends already. lol We are either doing to do something on our own in Cozumel or we were thinking about the Race Fantistique but DH said it depends on how many others have signed up for it. I forgot I did buy the DOD yesterday which came in a coconut carved like a monkeys head and looks so cool. The pink is almost finally gone from DH's hair...He is happy....lol Here are a few more random pics with more to come either tonight or tomorrow. DH is playing in the blackjack tournament tonight.