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  1. Although I am new to these boards, I am not new to cruising. I hate the part where they tell you it's time to leave!!!! You can definitely have a leisurely breakfast, but I have found that the waitstaff seems to be "in a hurry" to get you served and outta there.
  2. Passion Island is amazing! It's the only place we go in Cozumel!
  3. I would suggest Passion Island for Cozumel. It is just beautiful! You can get there by jeep, kayak, twister (speed boat) or bus. This is where the Corona beer commercials are filmed. Email Carrie at tourcozumel@hotmail.com for info. For Grand Caymen, I would suggest Nativeway Stingray tours. It's awesome. I can't remember their email address but I'm sure if you just "googled" Nativeway, it will come up!
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