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  1. Day 72 here. One phone call, 3 emails and one message via FB messenger & no refund yet. Will call again on Monday, I’ll have to set alarm for 4am so I can call as they open, I hope it’ll be worth it.
  2. Congratulations to all that have received your refund. Thank you to all for all the information on contacting P&O. I have chosen to email as living in Canada has it challenges with the time difference for making a phone call. I am still waiting for my refund which I asked for on March 18th for a sailing leaving Malta on April 2nd. Getting very annoyed by all the promotional emails I’m getting trying to entice me to sail with P&O. This was to be our first cruise with P&O and at the moment have no intentions of sailing with them in the future. After reading posts from
  3. We are also on this cruise. We’re flying over to Malta a few days prior to the cruise. I hope we hear soon what’s going on. I’m sure the previous cruise will not stop at the Italian ports as the whole of Italy is now on lock down. Jenni
  4. I have just heard from my sister who was booked on the HK to Southampton segment of the Acardia world cruise. Her TA offered them a full refund or re-book for next year. Hope anyone else booked on this segment will have a satisfactory outcome too. Jenni
  5. I have just heard from my sister who was booked on the HK to Southampton segment. She was offered by her TA a full refund or to re book for next year. Hopefully others who were meant to be joining this segment in HK have a satisfactory outcome. Jenni
  6. Thank you for this information. My sister and her husband are meant to be joining the ship in HK. Obviously they realize that’s not going to happen but have not heard anything from P&O with regards to an itinerary change. I will forward this information to her. Jenni
  7. Thank you Stephen, That sounds like the information I was looking for. Jenni
  8. I realize it’s not P&Os fault. Just wondered if there were other people on this leg of the world cruise embarking in HK(now probably Singapore) have heard any updates re: cancelling or how they are getting passengers to the next port when booked as a package. They are not making any decisions therefore passengers are left in limbo.
  9. Has anyone heard of P&O giving any refund for this cruise if you were meant to be embarking in Hong Kong to start the next leg to Southampton? Haven’t released yet where you would be embarking and it’s now less than a month before that’s meant to happen.
  10. Really enjoying your review and following along on your adventure. Your pictures are amazing! We’re sailing on the Ovation out of Sydney on April 20th & staying in Sydney for a couple of days pre cruise. I’ve started making notes with all the valuable information you’re giving us. Thank you so much. Jenni
  11. Always enjoy your reviews twangster. We’re on the Ovation in April out of Sydney and arriving a couple of days prior to the cruise. Looking forward to following along on this review. Jenni
  12. We’re visiting Sydney for 3 days prior to our TP April 20th and plan to do the Pylon Climb. Thanks for confirming we can get awesome photos of the harbour etc. Jenni
  13. I agree. Been to all these ports before and love them. So easy to get off and so do your own thing. Jenni
  14. Thank you Andy, We’re excited to be sailing on a different cruise line. We’re the “glass half full” kind of cruisers so take the good with the bad. A day on a cruise ship is better than a day at home is our motto. Jenni
  15. Thank you for your review. Learned some valuable information. We are sailing Oceana next year for the first time on a P&O cruise ship, usually sail Royal Caribbean but this cruise fitted our time frame & location of embarkation port.
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