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  1. That is fantastic news! Thank you so much for finding and sharing this :) will make for a nice easy day for us!
  2. We have a two day visit to Bermuda on the Conquest Oct 30-31 and I’m looking for a little assistance from those who’ve visited at this time of year before. Our biggest concern is how to get over to St George. The winter ferry schedule will be in effect, so no ferry. Other alternatives seem expensive (cabs) or lengthily (transit). Any suggestions? Does anyone have suggestions for the evening as well? First overnight port call, so we’re curious about what most folks do. Is there much nightlife in the dockyards area? Or better to stay in Hamilton? And before anyone talks weather and water temperatures, we’re a-okay with what they’re forecast to be! Crazy Canadians, I know :) Thanks in advance!
  3. No worries, just funny how rumours start!
  4. Yes there are a number of couches fully shaded on deck 12, and some partially shaded hammocks on deck 14, plus clam shell type loungers on both decks.
  5. Care to elaborate on that? The only "upgrade" promised was the adding of the Serenity Deck, which did happen. Everything else was just to be cosmetic in nature. I was on Conquest last week, you could tell things had been refreshed, it was quite nice. Just not sure what you mean by there still being "a lot to do"...
  6. If I'm not mistaken: Fascination is normally based in San Juan. Unfortunately Hurricane Maria badly damaged the cruise port (and much of the island), so several sailings have been cancelled. Thus freeing up the Fascination to sub-in for the Elation. Remarkable coincidence really.
  7. I'd plan to go later, after boarding has already begun, for a few reasons. First off all, keep in mind that you get a check-in time, not a boarding time. They won't guarantee when boarding will begin, and just remember there's a priority order. That brings me to my second point: you mentioned you're on a Journey's cruise, and usually those have a lot more guests entitled to priority boarding. So if you show up for a very early check-in, you may have a long time to wait for your actual boarding time. If you don't have priority, I wouldn't consider going before noon, going from 1-2 is probably going to be the smoothest time though. I'd much rather sleep in and hang out in the hotel (maybe go for a swim) then slowly make my way over, then be sitting around a cruise terminal all morning...
  8. I've seen plenty of people using the large glasses from the rooms, myself included when we've been in a hurry!
  9. Not that it matters, but it's easy to tell "cabin glasses" as they don't give those glasses out at any of the bars (the cabin ones are quite large/wide, not your traditional looking wine glass - unless you're in a suite and have a selection of glasses). It just means that person has a cabin bar going :D
  10. The article highlights improper practices at the ice cream station (which I think we all know is likely a high risk area - as with anything "self serve") and a typo at the Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast (on a sign that I bet you 99% of us have/would never notice). These inspections are opportunities for improvement, and I trust Carnival (or any line) takes them seriously to correct. We have inspections of our restaurants by the city and it isn't unusual for "conditional pass"es to be issued while corrective actions take place. If the violations are serious enough, whether a mom and pop restaurant or a mega cruise liner, they'll be shut down. Otherwise, there is a system to make corrections for a reason. What most cruise lines do is already beyond impressive, given the task.
  11. Yes, I imagine they'd want you at the station indicated on your card. Though I see your logic there, and would just obviously say to familiarize yourself with the location and route to the muster station for the cabin you've swapped to.
  12. You'll be recognized as Platinum for the entire sailing, regardless of which day you actually "hit" that status. We became Platinum on a B2B sailing, and were surprised that they extended Platinum benefits to us on both sailings. It was a nice touch.
  13. What a nice message :) glad to see you got some helpful advice! Have a fabulous cruise! We loved the Breeze and would jump on sailing it again, if it were back in Florida.
  14. Yeah the odd time we've had an issue, we've always tried to resolve it first with the cabin steward. Never had an issue after that. Could've been an honest mistake, and wouldn't want them reprimanded if we hadn't at least tried to resolve it ourselves first. But that's just our style. The complimentary drinks are a nice touch as an apology, but I also wouldn't be bragging about it being "thanks to" the poor service. These guys/gals usually work hard for us. Hope the rest of the sailing was alright and without incident for you though.
  15. We had a bit of a cancellation saga earlier this year. A group of us booked a 4n on the Victory in January 2018, and then it got cancelled due to a dry dock being scheduled. No biggie. We pushed the cruise back by a week and switched ships to do the same itinerary on the Sensation. Well, then it went and got chartered! So we pushed back another week and are now on the Sensation 25-Jan doing the same 4n itinerary, just a bit later than we'd expected. Our PVP was sympathetic and was able to squeeze us an extra $25 OBC (for a total of $75 each) since we had to switch twice. We also got price protected and all have a pretty good rate now, so we aren't too upset. Was just a bit frustrating since we wanted to try and coordinate everyone's schedule (10 of us).
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