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  1. Shadowmeboy I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your reviews on your various trips. I have not yet completed them all but will do so. I also wanted to say I appreciate your pictures especially those around Wenatchee. I grew up in Wenatchee/East Wenatchee and currently live in FLorida so when I see pictures from the Northwest, I am thrilled. The photo of entering Wenatchee certainly brought memories of the hours that as a teenager, we would drive up and down the Avenue to see who was out and what they were doing. The pictures of Turtle Rock and Columbia River bring back th
  2. Although we have taken several cruises, we have not done a Back to Back on NCL. We are booked to do this in October. I have some questions about this. 1. Is there a number to call with NCL that allows you to link these 2 cruises as can be done with other cruise lines. 2. Can you check in for both cruises on the first cruise or do you have to disembark (go through immigration, etc.) and then recheck in. 3 . If you are in same cabin for both cruises, can you leave luggage in room after first cruise or do you need to send it out and then recheck it. Any answers to above questi
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