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  1. That's a good point I didn't even consider. Its our first balcony!
  2. Thank you for the response. I have been studying the deck plans all day and cannot decide!! Along with noise I am also concerned about the motion. Basically I am worried about everything lol
  3. Please help me pick a room! All that is left is deck 6, back or front, and deck 11 (balcony rooms). We have never been up that high so I am unsure and I can't find reviews. It's our first cruise with our kids so I am concerned with the noise from the below deck 5. Carnival Liberty. Spa deck 11 would cost a slight amount more. Thanks for any advice!!
  4. Maybe I missed it....is lobster no longer served on elegant night??
  5. Thank you for the responses everyone. I am definitely going to reconsider the Pullman, because I think I was not thinking clearly and when we each share a bed with a child in hotel rooms they are bigger than a twin I believe. However, I will definitely be requesting to have it closed up each day, because four people in a cabin is going to be crampped as it is!
  6. So strange. Multiple people told me that this is an aft cabin, which after reading an explanation of an aft cabin I agree, but that's what the Carnival's website had this classified as. Thanks for the responses!
  7. That was my concern. If we do not need the Pullman, I would rather try to get a room without one then. So, that opens up and the child's bed would actually be above the other bed??
  8. Our children are a little. Typically in hotels one of them sleeps in each bed with one of us with them. We planned to do the same on the ship.
  9. I have had such a hard time finding any camp ocean schedules. After many searches I can't find any posted on these boards, not sure if my search engine just isn't working properly. I was looking for recent ones for a miracle. I could only find some older schedules posted when I did a website search
  10. We are getting our first balcony room since were taking the kids on their first cruise. Many of the rooms available have an upper Pullman. We won't use this and have never had a room with this....if we leave it folded up, will it be in the way at all? Should I try for a room without one, or does it make no difference?
  11. Does anyone know if the ES rate is available a set amount of days out? Like for example, can you get that rate up to 3 months before the cruise, then it is gone? Or does that vary?
  12. Personally, if it wasn't too much more, I would spend it and pick my own room. You're already paying more for the balcony, so I would hate to get stuck with a bad one. Even though the ones left are obstructed, some might be better then others, so I would do some research and try to find a decent one
  13. Thanks for your reply! Since we're already paying to get the balcony, we are willing to pay more to get the nononstructed view! But what I'm confused about is why the obstructed views are more expensive on this sailing than the non-obstructed. Funny that you mentioned the aft, because I was unfamiliar with those and was trying to do research on them because that was all that was left. I was taking forever to decide because I was reading such mixed reviews on them. People either seem to love them or hate them! However, that room is gone, so I no longer need to decide!
  14. So, while I was trying to decide on which room to get the cruise we were looking at sold out! Onto the next idea.... This will be our first cruise with kids/getting a balcony, and I am unsure of the different balcony types & what is best. Looking at the miracle, midship, deck five, choose your room balcony is included, then I can upgrade to an extended balcony, and then it also shows an obstructed view balcony as an additional charge. Why in the world would unobstructed be included while obstructed cost more per person per day? Am I missing something?
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