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  1. We are going to be in civitavecchia , port of rome, on a back to back, does RSSC offer tours to passengers staying over? Gary ‘Denver, colorado
  2. On Riviera, in a vista suite for 23 days, how many dinner reservations do we get? thanks gary gary705, denver
  3. Any thoughts if RSSC can ‘rework” the cruises and maybe do an east coast with a stop somewhere to fulfill the foreign port requirement gary. Denver colorado
  4. We are hopefully going to be in Singapore on a rssc cruise, I take ambian to sleep, I understand you have to get permission to bring them in, any body ever done this, and what is the procedure, any body been denied ? Gary
  5. We are booked on rssc in May from Tel Aviv to Barcelona....if it goes and they need to reduce capacity, and the ship is sold out, how will they reduce passengers Gary
  6. Sounds COLD WE WERE On August of this year, I’ll guess we will wait a year... Gary, Sue form Denver
  7. Thanks “aunty’, I’ll call Monday
  8. Can any help.... two weeks ago I got a refund for our 5/28 cruise, except for $4000. still waiting for that last part, any suggestions, my TA called 10 days ago and they said ‘soon’ gary
  9. Received RSSC refund on 6/19 for splendor of 5/28, cancelled 4/24 received credit from Chase today, money in the bank gary and Sue
  10. Splendor May 28, 21 days canceled 4/24 requested refund 4/24 refunded 6/19, missing a few misc. fees Gary and Sue ‘Denver
  11. Sale date 5/28 splendor cancelled by RSSC 4/26 refund request 4/26 by TA as of 5/28 no word from Regent gary705
  12. I see a lot of “ wait listed “ cruises for 2021, do you think that RSSC is not selling all rooms to create social distancing gary705
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