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  1. No way would I cruise again with restrictions . I may never cruise again , I don't really care . I can wait a few years to see how this virus thing ends up .
  2. Just saw a video on the Meriviglia and was very impressed . I Usually do Oasis class on Royal Caribbean . Compared balcony cabins and MSC is almost half price on sept 2021 Any reasons why , or is royal still gouging . regards
  3. Checked prices on Oasis for sept 2021 Then saw a you tube video of the MSC meriviglia checked same balcony cabin and they are 800.00 less per person CAD Why such a spread in prices , the ship looks fabulous and similar with a promenade . RCCL is certainly not discounting yet . Im pretty loyal to royal , but now I am not so certain . Im probably not going to cruise until 2022 anyway , but wow .
  4. im gonna wait a couple of years until they sort out their issues . I couldn't be bothered cruising soon after they lift restrictions . Too much hassle for me , maybe not so much for others , so enjoy your cruise .
  5. I am definitely not ready to cruise . Never liked big crowed venues for a few years now but tolerated cruises , but going to wait a couple of years to resume cruising , if ever .
  6. Didn't somebody mention something about setting up cooking stations in the windjammer , where you cook up your own food ?
  7. I will wait 2 years before I consider cruising again . If I even cruise again , its too hot down there in the Caribbean . as Remo said in Casino …. why take a chance .
  8. Cruising is fun , but this virus is serious , so I am going to lay off for about 2 years until everything settles down . Like another poster said , it wont be much fun if you get stuck on a ship with the virus spreading around .
  9. No cruise plans for a while , probably 2022 before I think about taking one . We have flights to consider also , so I want to see where pricing goes on them .
  10. We wipe down the drawers and storage cabinets too . Then leave them open to air out for a little while . Dirty socks and underwear could have been residing in those drawers a few hours before we got there .
  11. Save the money and go with Oasis . Both ships have the same layout . Been on Oasis and Allure and would not pay more for Symphony . You wont get 1800 dollars worth on the new ship .
  12. I had the 9th level and 5 cabins from the back . I could see the events and big screens fine . But as others have mentioned , I only booked those cabins once for the novelty , and booked ocean view balconies on all of my cruises after that . If I want to see anything I sit in the seats like the other poster suggested .
  13. Kind of glad I didn't book anything for this year . Got put off by the oppressive heat last September , so I thought we would take a break from cruising for a while . We typically book eastern caribbean on an Oasis class , mostly for the ship . Going to wait for the ships to air out .
  14. They do a pretty good job on the Oasis class ships I have been on . They have the casino split up with a non smoking side and a smoking side . They positively pressurize the non smoking side ( bring more fresh air in than they exhaust ) to keep the smoke from the smoking side from migrating over . You will get some carryover , but for the most part it seems to be effective. They would most likely keep the smoking side on a negative pressure to help keep the smoke on that side .
  15. With all the other choices in the buffet , I typically avoid the burger . I did have one on my last cruise ( allure ) , but only ate half of it . There are other items I prefer over this . I must add though , the French fries are pretty good as soon as they come out .
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