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  1. We just graduated to emerald , so I can book 2 cruises in junior suites or 4 cruises in our usual baclcony rooms to get to diamond where any meaningful perks are . Think I will book balcony and just pay for the expresso and save thousands of dollars , lol And I get two more cruises whilst I climb to diamond . Cheers
  2. I fired my agent for the same reason . I get extra points on my credit card if I book through them. Last year I was noticing price drops and sent emails but was totally ignored by her. Also left voice mails ... no response . So this year another agent calls to let me know she would be handling my acount . I politely told her I will be dealing direct with rccl moving forward. I have saved over 400.00 in price drops on my upcoming cruise . One quick call to rccl and everything was handled very well. And I get a confirmation email with in the hour . No more T A for me .
  3. Ship .... Oasis class We have tried other classes and find the big one suites us better . That particular class tend to cost more , but that's o k with us .
  4. I got two price drops on Aluure Sept cruise . Booked direct with rccl I do mock bookings about once a week . No discounts after final payment though
  5. We had a jumper the last night of our cruise and the oasis was late getting into port . Lots of people missed their flights . Every other cruise was OK though , without delays . You should be fine .
  6. My September sailing on allure opened up a few weeks ago and I booked all my shows . I was surprised that they were open so soon.
  7. My first oasis sailing I had deck 9 , 5 cabins back from the end and it was perfect viewing of all activities And good view out the back of the ship . I wanted to try a boardwalk balcony as it was a new experience at the time . We enjoyed it but we are back to ocean view balconies now.
  8. One thing about tribute bands .... music is very repetitive , so if you are a fan of the band you will enjoy. We had a journey tribute band on the anthem and while they were good I could only take so much of the high pitched singer . One show was more than enough for me . There was also another band that played a variety of music and I liked them much more . I always book on the 8th floor and every time I passed by Dazzles it was usually packed in the evening . I guess the music hall generates more revenue . Less dancers and more drinking .
  9. That Bermuda sailing was the only one I experienced rough seas while on the Anthem . Wont be doing that cruise any more . Caribbean is much calmer seas .
  10. Why bother with rccl if you don't like them. Toss them to the curb and try another line . I like them so I stick with them , but I don't expect much so I am easy to please. You may find that the other lines are focused on bottom line performance also and you may once again be disappointed.
  11. I mostly go in September on Oasis class ships , and there are a variety of ages , and the weather fortunately has been favourable . Dazzles night club is usually well populated with lots of dancers of varying ages . With 6000 passengers , you will probably find people your age on the ship .
  12. I like to chime in when someone thinks everything goes smoothly on debarkation day . We had a jumper on the last night of the cruise and the Oasis was delayed arriving at FLL . What`s that term the military uses …. cluster**** . Total disaster next morning trying to self dis embark . Thousands of people on the promenade , and nobody was getting off . I never book a flight before noon so I was ok , but there was a few nervous people that morning. That said , there were never any other delays I have experienced , so you should be ok .
  13. The only show I really want to see is the comedy club entertainment . I sometimes miss the other entertainment , but not the comedy club. Its expected to be vulgar and I can accept that .
  14. I got a credit on my cruise, I just called in and they reduced my cruise fare and then é mailed me a confirmation. The travel agency linked to my credit card wouldn't even respond to emails or phone calls last year. If I use them I get triple points on the card , but my discount was a higher dollar amount on the reduced cruise fare. A new person took over my account there recently , but I told them I am going back to booking direct so I wouldn't be needing their services any longer.
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