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  1. Yes , i was aware of the options but guess i forgot as i wouldnt consider the hassle of flying into Detroit and renting a car to drive back to Toronto . My wife would not be amused if i added a 3 hour drive to the end of the vacation. I always take a 3 hour direct flight to Florida and direct flight back . Thats about all i can handle with travelling . I think i will wait this covid thing out until things settle down . Cheers
  2. In Canada you need to isolate after arriving by air in a specified hotel for 3 days at a cost of 2000.00 per person while awaiting covid test results . A brutal cost to attach to the end of the cruise. I wont be considering a cruise any time soon.
  3. I am partial to RC , Oasis class , but if i was going to stray i would be looking at MSC . I like their ships that resemble the Oasis class with a promenade . The MSC Meriviglia was quite a bit less than RC . And they honor your crown and anchor status there also .
  4. Those two top tables for mytime dining are about a foot apart , lol . We usually end up chatting with the people next to us . And its usually the same people each night. I like mytime because you dont have to wait for others to get their food before you can start to eat .
  5. Who knows, maybe the smoker has covid and is mixing it with the smoke he exhaling and spreading into the air , you never know . Could be a problem . I would avoid smokers everywhere .🙂
  6. To us it doesnt matter as we will only sail on Oasis class . They would be all number 1 .
  7. I find its just easier to work from the top down as it is from the bottom up. If you address your letter to the office of the president it usually gets handled promptly and efficiently. Saves a lot of the steps to get it to the right individual. The executive assistant knows what to do. The big guy wont even know a thing about it in most cases.
  8. My pictures were also used for check in . A rep with a tablet checked us in as we wandered into the terminal . Cant remember if i went to the counter also .
  9. And they are so big . They look to be about 1 1/2 - 2 inches long .
  10. A filter upgrade to MERV 13 would not require new air handling equipment . These filters come in 1 inch or 2 inch thickness so they should fit the filter rack in the air handler . A motor upgrade might be the only thing required as the resistance through these filters may increase.
  11. I get to the ship after 1 pm and i dont wait at all to board . I just waltz right in . The last thing i want is to wait around to get on. I suspect i wouldnt be waiting any longer than usual .
  12. Yes , you have a point there , lol I tend to check prices when i watch tv so its kind of multi tasking. I ended up saving quite a bit doing it , so its always good to check. Cheers .
  13. Not bad for half an hours work . Your friends and family should be very pleased with you today .
  14. As you may have heard ... common sense is not that common anymore .
  15. All i can say is... what a pathetic family trying to profit on the death of their child.
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