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  1. Thank you Diesel. This has been somewhat of a nightmare. Uncruise did suggest yesterday using vaulthealth.com/covid for testing. Turnaround of 24-48 hours. Wonder if anyone has used this. I've had both vaccines but guess this isn't enough. Of course next month everything could change again. I'll just do whatever I have to to get on the boat.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Guess I'll have to drive down to Phoenix 2-3 days earlier and get tested there.
  3. I notice on page 2 of this forum that someone reported travel restrictions have been lifted except for Anchorage. What exactly does that mean? I'm booked on Uncruise this mid May and they are telling me I need a PCR base test to get to Juneau. With the time restriction of 72 hours, that is cutting it too close for me. A rapid test would work but Uncruise is adamant they require this other test to get into the state. Alaska Air thought a rapid test would suffice as they only require a negative result with no mention of PCR. Seems I keep getting different answers. Anyone?
  4. Since you are not leaving until 2021 and small boats would be a consideration, I would check out Uncruise. They have different itineraries and go where the big ships cannot. The best way to see Alaska IMO. I did Sitka to Juneau and it was the best cruise I have ever done! If you are into adventure and wildlife, this is the way to go and the food is wonderful. Check out their website and reviews. It is pricey however but well worth it!
  5. Wow! I am so happy to see you are continuing on with your review. It was your first review that got me to thinking about trying Uncruise which I did in May of this year on the Discoverer. BEST. CRUISE. EVER. and definately plan on returning!! It's hard to put into words everything we saw and experienced. I still think about it every day and looking back to my pics and the ones the crew took still brings a tear to my eye - in a very good way. Looking forward to more commentary and pictures!! Barb
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