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  1. “I just read the description of the included tour. Very vague but it does seem to include the areas that I think are the highlights of the city (Royal Palace and then the old heart of the city.” Thanks so much for your suggestions! May I ask where you read the description of the included tour?
  2. We will be spending two days in Madrid ahead of Iconic Western Mediterranean cruise in late October. A month ago, I called Viking to ask if tours are available and was told they are included and I would receive an email about them. I received travel documents on Saturday, which gave hotel information for Madrid pre-cruise days, but nothing about included tours. So I called Viking again today to see if I would still be getting an email. Nope! I was told there would be a walking/driven around tour on day 2, but nothing on Day 1. How will we know when/where to meet guide on day 2? Evidently, we will find out when picked up at airport! What if we plan activities on our own for day 1 that we repeat with the Viking guide on day 2? Is this how pre-cruise days are typically communicated by Viking?
  3. So cruisenfreak, did you not need Euros for other things like public toilets in the Mediterranean?
  4. Hello stretchcruz, I may end up trying to find a bank that provides one, but my regional bank, coincidentally where I work, does not offer one with international access.
  5. While doing my research, I’ve come across the following dilemma. I will likely need some Euros during my trip, and don’t have an ATM card that will pull them from a foreign ATM. If I order ahead of time from my bank, I will likely have to get a minimum of 250, which will cost around $280. I don’t want to return home with $150 of Euros that I can’t exchange. I have read that Viking will charge my tips to my credit card at a rate of 15%. First of all, is this correct? Secondly, can I have the amount I have left in Euros removed from my bill on the ship and leave the Euros as part of my tips? Thanks in advance for your response!
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