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  1. Thanks so much, Twangster, that makes perfect sense! Coralc, not my intention to point out an error, except in the rcl site. Which, as we all know, is flawless ...
  2. Yeah, well I was trying to be funny ... guess it didn't come across! 😏
  3. Ok, so as often is the case, the rcl website is wrong. Go figure! I'm sure we'll be able to find it when we cruise Majesty in October. Hard to get lost on that size ship!
  4. Maybe the deck plans on the RCL site (and others) are wrong? They all seem to show the Viking Crown on 12, on Majesty, and don't show a deck 14 at all. Here's what I'm seeing:
  5. For those who have not received the email ... again...check your spam/junk folder. jan
  6. For those who have not received the email yet: check your junk/spam folder. My email came in an hour ago, and went straight there. Just found it. I am sure they are sending these in bulk, and many spam filters automatically flag any emails with lots of recipients. I agree with other posters that this was the smart (and ethical) thing to do on RCL’s part. We have never purchased a beverage package before (and have taken many RCL cruises). Now we have purchased six 7 day packages. I think many folks may be like us ... so this may well turn out to be profitable for RCL. I hope so! Jan
  7. Hi Abby, enjoyed cruising with y’all! Looking forward to the rest of your review. Jan
  8. While we generally make all of our own reservations, and seldom have special requests for the suite concierge, one service we always greatly appreciate is the escorted, expedited disembarkation they facilitate. They work so hard coordinating with other staff, calling express elevators, and making sure everyone in the group is tagging along! What a hectic day it must be for them. Since this happens the last day, after tips and thank-you notes have been handed over the evening before, it may be easy to overlook when considering what to tip based on their services during the week. Just a thought ... even if we haven't asked much of them during the cruise, if we plan to take advantage of expedited disembarkation, this service alone is worth a nice tip. :D Jan
  9. On many cruises, especially the longer ones like the transatlantic and repositioning cruises, there will also be a "progressive trivia" offered. This meets every sea day, usually at the same time. You form a team on the first day, and stay with that team the rest of the cruise. (This won't be offered on the 3-5 day cruises, but it was offered on our recent 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise on Harmony.) Often there are small prizes for the team that wins each day, and then at the end there is a "grand prize" for the team that has accrued the most points throughout the tournament. This can range from a medal on a ribbon to a bag full of pens, highlighters, water bottles, etc. Another favorite trivia of mine is tri-bond, where you are given three words and need to find what they have in common. For example: blue, goose, and black. Answer is "berries." Jan
  10. I agree, 9:45 would be pushing it, especially considering the wheelchair. We just got home this afternoon from Harmony. We did not do self disembarkation, but were off fairly early, and arrived at the airport at 8:30. Since your new flight will be mid-afternoon, have you considered luggage valet? Fort Lauderdale is one of the few ports that have it. http://www.royalcaribbean.com/contentWithHero.do?pagename=luggage_valet_service You could then take a taxi or Uber/Lyft somewhere your MIL might enjoy, maybe a beachside hotel or restaurant for lunch? And then taxi to the airport closer to your flight. Just an idea! Jan
  11. We are in a 2C balcony, but since we are Pinnacle, will have the suite perks. :D Will check back here to see if someone has posted the letter or actually answered your question, and if not, will do so. Best, Jan
  12. I think a lot depends on the port and the destinations. Have heard people say they had no problem, and have personally seen flowers being confiscated in Seattle. Agricultural restrictions and regulations vary so much from region to region. Hopefully someone with personal experience bringing flowers on board in Amsterdam will chime in. Jan
  13. Kind of surprised no one has answered you yet, but if it helps any, I can find out next week when we sail Harmony and will post the letter here if no one else has. Jan
  14. jcross2

    New Drinks Menu

    Looks like they have now updated their site to show the shortened list: https://www.azamaraclubcruises.com/booked-guests/onboard-packages/complimentary-beverages
  15. I remember when Freedom Class (which Liberty is) first came out. Oh my, all the hoopla! Two flow riders! Cantilevered hot tubs! Biggest ship in the world! Such a frenzy of promotional ads and videos. :D So of course we had to sail on Freedom asap! ;) And we weren't disappointed; lots of fun. I even climbed the rock wall (was much younger then, haha). We've sailed out of Galveston often, as it isn't a far drive from home. Nice to hear that she may get more terminals and an Oasis class ship, yay. We almost always go the night before, and have never had a major issue with the 2-night minimum if we shopped around. (Try hotels dot com maybe? Or someone suggested calling the hotel direct.) But then, we don't cruise over spring break, so that may have made it easier. Have stayed at a variety of Galveston hotels over the years: Hilton, San Luis, Harbor House, and many of the budget motels. Always one night. We have a one-night rez for this weekend at Tremont House, downtown near the Strand. For sure agree about different itineraries! Years ago, Celebrity had a ship out of Galveston that did partial Panama Canal trips, 10-11 days. We sailed on her last one. Really wish we had something like that again out of Galveston. Best, Jan
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