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  1. Can anyone comment as to whether this tour could work for vegetarians?
  2. For a price they will do it. I was looking at floral arrangement on the cruise planner. Comparable to the cost at a florist.
  3. I apologize if I am repeating someth8ng - I didn’t read the entire thread. I read on another site that a child ingested a magnet from a door decoration and that led to the clamp down. Now why the child was unsupervised is another issue ....
  4. We've usually enjoyed the entertainers on our cruises. Last cruise, earlier this month, we had 2 performers that we had seen before and really enjoyed - December63 and a Whitney Houston Cover artist - and a comedian. However, I agree with you. I am not a fan of the production shows. Just my opinion.
  5. We were on the Solstice this past summer and Equinox earlier this month and we noted differences. Smoked salmon was available every morning in the buffet this past summer, but only twice on the recent cruise. My favorite potato cakes were only served twice on the latest cruise. Still plenty to eat. On the plus side, I found a great improvement in the salad bar from this past summer and the variety of breads. We always find something to eat and I try to order items I don't make at home. Doesn't always work out so I am glad for the small portions to minimize waste.
  6. Recently back from Equinox in Carribean. First chic night DH wore a long sleeve shirt and slacks. Second one he wore a Hawaiian short sleeve shirt. He was fine both nights. I wore slacks and a dressy top one night and a dress and sweater. We were just fine. Yes, there were people more dressed up than we were, but more were dressed like us. We like looking nice, but we are done stuffing dress clothes, suits and more shoes into a suitcase for two nights. It is your vacation - enjoy it your way!
  7. I was on the same sailing and agree with everything you said. I was fine with Punta Cana being cancelled but really ticked off that they didn't do it the night before. We had to be up, dressed, fed and in the Celebrity Theater at 7:45 only to wait to be cancelled. It screwed up the vibe of the day for me. Crew told us that they cancel more often than actually go to port. Punta Cana will not build a dock so they have to tender. Why does Celebrity even bother? I saw Ashlie Amber on an Alaska cruise and she was excellent. You did miss 2 shows by December63, a Frankie Vallie cover group that was phenonemal - my second time seeing them! But I am 20+ years older so it was more my style of music! We did not enjoy the production shows. We don't do specialty dining and found the food in MDR to be good, if not spectacular - agree the turkey was excellent. Hey, I didn't have to cook or clean so always a plus for me! We love the burgers at the Mast Grill. We also had the drink package and will do internet instead next time. I found myself ordering drinks I didn't really want just because I had the package. Lastly - I used the app all the time. I didn't have to drag the paper schedule around with me. And, like you, used it to reserve dinner times in Select Dining.
  8. Ship: Equinox Cabin 7181 Deck 7 Class: 2A Area: Mid Ship, Port Side Bed Near: Balcony Quiet? Yes Balcony View: Great outward view. Above Life boats Balcony Size - Normal Wind? No Soot? No Comments: I love this location on the boat. Equinox is going in for edgification soon. The drapes were a tad dodgy, but everything else appeared to be in good shape.
  9. In Cozumel there is a Margaritaville and the mall there, with shops, has free wifi.
  10. The private sitting photos are NOT included in the photo packages. On our last cruise the experience was not pleasant. We had a very inconvenient sitting time and the photographer was running so late. The photos weren't that great. If you buy a package you really need to dedicate yourself to getting lots of photos taken to make it worthwhile. This past summer they were set up in 3 different locations during the evening dinner hours. Then there are all the photos taken when you exit the ship in the various ports. You can check your photos at the studio during the cruise. The last day they offer some specials on photos. We were a group of 8 in 3 staterooms. I bought the all inclusive package and as long as my husband or I were in one of the photos it went into our package. My kids just bought what they wanted of their families, without grandparents. The unlimited package for my upcoming cruise is $200 and 12 photo package is $140. Since it is just the 2 of us I will just buy the pics I want.
  11. Visiting the synagogue and museum is our top priority for our March cruise stop in St. Thomas. There are 7 ships in port that day although some don't arrive until later in the morning. Does anyone know the best way to get there? Can we walk or should we try for a taxi at the port? I'd like to see other parts of the Island, but only after the synagogue. Thanks in advance for your input.
  12. We are sailing on March 2, arriving the day before. 7 years ago when we last sailed from MIA we stayed at Marriott Biscayne Bay. I have a ton of Marriott points so I'd like to use those (as opposed to booking at The Hampton in Brickell. My recollection was there was very little near the Marriott although we walked to Bayside Mall. Dinner in the area was quite a walk away. Anyone know the area and know if that has changed? Is is safe to take the metro mover to Brickell neighborhood for some window shopping and dinner and uber back? Thanks for your advice.
  13. It kind of depends on where, and with whom, we are cruising. Caribbean, we drink fruity drinks - pina coladas, margaritas (frozen and straight), mudslides, mojitos, daiquiris (strawberry and plain). if you like those kind of drinks, try a Miami Vice (half strawberry daiquiri, half pina colada). In Alaska, we were with our adult kids and grands so we kept the drinking to wine, beer, and gin and tonics. We only get the classic package and never have a problem with what we order. As another poster said, they make it to fit your drink package. If perchance you order something that is more, you only pay the difference between the classic allowance (I think is $9) and the actual cost. My son in law likes craft beers and they really weren't covered on the classic package. The difference was a couple of dollars - not enough to upgrade. Also, all the specialty coffee and tea drinks at Café Al Bacio are covered by the Classic package. Cheers!
  14. We did fine with our Verizon coverage in Alaska. We were with our entire family so I didn’t need to worry about people calling me. You can get one day coverage in advance on Verizon for Canada which will cover you there. On the last day the ship sold a 20 min package for $25 for those that wanted to print boarding passes or check email. When you are sailing keep your phone on airplane mode. Then you can turn that off when you are coming into a port.
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