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  1. I have only seen this on Disney ships which is fun for the little kids. And one deco so people can find their door easily.
  2. Thanks everyone for responding. I’m glad to see such good reviews of the beds. We were on a 10 night cruise last year on RC and the beds were so very hard it was impossible for me to sleep. Don’t ever want that experience again.
  3. Are the beds on this ship comfortable? I know this is subjective but I really dislike rock hard beds and since we will be spending 21 nights on her in April I would like to get a heads up on this. Any info would be appreciated. As a guide I think Celebrity’ s beds are perfect.
  4. We were on Royal last year on the Anthem. Sounds crazy but I couldn’t wait for the cruise to end because the beds were SO HARD I couldn’t sleep! I took the extra comforter and doubled it and it did not make a difference. No egg crates on board. Will never cruise Royal again until they change the beds. I’ve read on here that Radience has awful beds as well and we were thinking of doing the Hawaii cruise on it but not after having experienced Anthem for ten nights. Went with Celebrity instead, they have wonderful beds! And by the way so does the Disney Magic. What idiot decided these beds are worth buying? Like sleeping on concrete! we will be on the Nieuw Statendam next April for the TA and 7 nite fiord cruise. Hope the beds will be comfortable. Any info about that ships mattress?
  5. Thank you for a great report. We are leaving tomorrow for this same cruise so your trip report was a fun read.
  6. We were on a cruise from Hawaii to Vancouver last year and they had two classes each sea day. They were very well attended and they gave out the supplies and all. It was the first time I had seen the class offered and we had been on the Hawaii cruise once before and several TAs. It was a great surprise that the watercolor classes were offered. It would be great if they continued with them but then they would have to find a teacher who would be interested. So Celebrity please start looking for one.
  7. Thanks everyone for your input. Will keep looking.
  8. Yes that’s what I was thinking. Thanks
  9. Thanks everyone. The problem for me is the price of the hotels in that time period. The hotels you have mentioned look wonderful but my dates of May 10-14 seem to be a busy time with some type of international finance meeting going on which has skyrocketed the hotel prices to double and even triple. The Holland America hotel they use is $574 /nite plus tax which is much higher then the norm (Mövenpick hotel) and the other hotels have a sharp increase as well. Maybe we will stay outside Amsterdam and take the train up for a day.
  10. Oh actually so are we. We just decided to add the A to A trip. It seems there is some big finance/business international meeting going on in Amsterdam starting that week so that’s probably the reason for the inflated hotel prices and many of these hotels are already sold out. The hotel Holland America uses, the Mövenpick was quoted by HA at at $1574 for 3 nights plus $72 in tax! Don’t think so!
  11. We are having a hard time as well. We will be in Amsterdam May 10 and the hotels have doubled and even tripled there hotel rates for the week(and maybe longer?) but $500 and up per night for a hotel that is normally in the $200-300 range is crazy. Just wondering if something is going on that week besides the tulips. Very hard to find a hotel “that doesn’t break the bank” lol. And if I do find a fairly reasonable rate ($200-300/ night) they want you to pay up front and non refundable. Will keep looking but getting time consuming for something that should be a fairly simple thing. Actually you are probably on our cruise. Statendam rt Amsterdam to Amsterdam May 3-10.
  12. Thanks but I can’t find this topic on CC. ???
  13. If you are writing a review of your cruise could you please add the name of the hotel, if any, you stayed at pre or post cruise? It would be so helpful to other CC readers if we could get ideas of were to stay in cities we haven’t been to. We will be in Amsterdam in May 2020 and trying to find an hotel but are unfamiliar with this city. I’ve read so many post cruise reviews where CC members state they stayed a few days but do not indicate the hotel name and if they would stay again. Actually a few did in other cities but not Amsterdam. Anyone else who would find this helpful? I have found CC to be a wealth of travel knowledge but this seems to be one area that is lacking or am I not looking on the right boards? Thanks everyone.
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