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  1. We just got our passports (with Cambodian visas affixed) back in the mail today. Had sent them in priority mail on August 22. Go to the website embassyofcambodiadc.org for info and instructions on mailing etc. Be sure to go to this exact website because apparently the Cambodian embassy is the subject of fraudulent websites, and these, as well as expensive visa services, come up when you just do a google search.


    On the main embassy front page, you will see a link that says “How to Get a Visa”, then “Tourist_Visa (single entry)” Download the Cambodia visa application form to your computer and fill it out there. You will then need to print the completed form (before closing it) because it isn’t in a format that can be saved. Or you can print the blank form and fill it out by hand. I typed it because the spaces are small and my handwriting is terrible! lol. The answers to a couple of the questions on the visa application such as “point of entry”, were provided by Avalon in the Travel Materials Packet section of MyAvalon.


    I stapled the top and bottom of the passport pic to the application form....so it wouldn’t “pop up”. If you’ve already gotten your loose-leaf Vietnam visas back, do not send those in with your passports! Wait until you get the passports back and then attach the Vietnam visas.


    The cost is $30.00 per person. (I used one personal check for $60.00 made out to Embassy of Cambodia) Plus cost of a new passport pic per person and priority mail both ways. I took everything bundled up to the post office to send priority mail. The post person knew what to do when I explained the instructions as needing a return self addressed pre-paid priority mail envelope included. whew!


    Hope this helps! :)


    Here is the copy/ paste of the instructions from the website. Sorry for the size....their font really is this large!


    • One(1) completed Visa application form​.
    • Attach one(1) 2x2 passport picture.
      • Recent atleast six(6) months passport 2x2 picture​.
      • Make sure it won't pop-up to the form, either paste-it or stapled both corner.

      [*]Actual passport

      • Should be atleast six(6) months valid prior entering Cambodia.
      • One(1) Visa page available for Visa sticker and extra pages for stamping of entry and departure dates.
      • Please don't leave any loose pages, tickets, certificate which is not needed to your visa process.

      [*]Visa Fee ($ 30 USD)

      • Mode of payments (Bank cheque, Cashier cheque, Money Order).
      • Payable to Embassy of Cambodia.
      • You may pay one(1) cheque for multiple Visa application.

      [*]7-10 working days to process. (Due to high volume of Visa request)

      [*]Send it to


      Royal Embassy of Cambodia (Visa Application)

      4530 16th Street N.W. Washington D.C. 20011

      Seven(7) working days to process


      For United States residence please use

      USPS Priority Mail envelope

      with tracking number.

      (Shipped back) Applicant need to provide a self address prepaid USPS Priority Mail envelope

      with tracking number.

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