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  1. Pepsiqt

    Which ones are the best

    We have connecting rooms so that will not be a problem. I already have the Sicky notes packed:)
  2. Pepsiqt

    Which ones are the best

    Thank You all for your advice. I don't think we will need them and as long as we have check in plans all should be okay. My kids are good kids and "normal" and better not throw anything into the ocean or else I will know just where to find them.... In the Room! Maybe I will call my Cell Phone Carrier to see what their text messaging deals are. Again thank you everyone! I'm so excited only 4 more days!
  3. We leave on the Pride in 4 Days and my parents are really concerned about being able to keep in contact with my kids (15 and 17) They want to get some Walkie Talkies .... What ones work best on the ship? I don't think there is going to be a problem but my parents have gotten very protective in their old age LOL :)
  4. Pepsiqt

    Woo hoo doing the price drop OBC dance!

    Me too! And what if your Type of room is not available?
  5. Pepsiqt

    Keeping Beds pushed together?

    Thank You that would be great!!! Do you have to ask them to put them on or do they do it automatically?
  6. Pepsiqt

    Keeping Beds pushed together?

    No joke just cuddly partners:D
  7. Pepsiqt

    Keeping Beds pushed together?

    His name is Eli and we just adore him. He is almost 3 yrs old and is the best animal I have ever had. He is a what they call a Dudley, He has no pigment in his face so he has light eyes and liver color nose and mouth instead of the Black.
  8. Pepsiqt

    Keeping Beds pushed together?

    Maybe a good use for the Duct Tape? LOL!
  9. Has anyone had a problem with the two beds that are pushed together separating in the middle of the night only to find you or your significant other in the crack between them in the morning? What do you do to keep them together? :confused: I have asked this question on a different website and was just told that the beds are very comfortable. This is great but not what I am asking. 4 years ago we went on a cruise to Tahiti for our honeymoon and really had a hard time keeping the beds together. :D :D I am guessing that there is some sort of secret to keeping them in one place or maybe the new beds do not have the same problem? We are those that do not like to keep to our own side of the bed.;)
  10. Pepsiqt

    ship time vs. local time

    Okay so I called the Tour Company and they said it would be really hard to get to a 9-9:00 tour in time and they recommended a later tour. Then I called Carnival and they said that if you arrive to Puerto Vallarta at 8AM ship time that it will be 9AM Port time. Soooooo...... I booked the later tours. DH and DS are going on the dune buggy tour and DD and I are swimming with the dolphins all at 2pm. That way we know we will make it and won’t have to rush.
  11. Pepsiqt

    ship time vs. local time

    Not yet. I held off on booking yesterday because I wanted to make sure we didn't miss the tour due to ship vs shore time. I am booking through Puerto Vallarta Tours. Have you used them before?
  12. Pepsiqt

    ship time vs. local time

    will they meet you at the pier if it is a private tour (dune buggies)?
  13. Pepsiqt

    ship time vs. local time

    I need to know this too for Puerto Vallarta. I am tring to book a tour that is at 9:00Am Puerto Vallarta Time .... If the ship gets in at 8am ship time will we make it???:confused:
  14. Pepsiqt

    Coke or Pepsi?

    I'm bringing my own Pepsi :)
  15. Pepsiqt

    Just off the Pride

    Did you book the Dolphin swim through carnival or private?