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  1. If you want to go to whitehaven beach use "ocean rafting tours". we used them a couple of years ago and they cheaper than cruise booked one{cruise companys use this company} and you get a longer tour than the ship one. Book a lucnch for $15 as well worth it. We had an awsome experience. We asked what if running late when coming back and they said" no problem we can drop you straight at the ship." They also refuel at the same wharf the tenders use so when our tour finished they dropped of the other passengers at there own wharf{ocean rafting} and then took us over when they refueled straight to the ships tenders.:)
  2. Well just booked again for just Alex and myself{kids will kill us when they find out} leaving Brissy on the PS on the 1st of Nov for 7 days. It was totally spur of the moment while looking at cruises next year for us and the kids! The cruise is N839 and works out less than $600 each for a T cabin. I guess we are addicted, but i am not looking forward to telling the kids.:eek: My wife has just got back to work after two months off for the cruise and went back for two weeks and was then told to take atleast another weeks holiday, which she is now on. Then they say "you still have to many holidays owing {6 weeks} and you get 5 more January.". So a cruise had to happen when it comes up so cheap! Fun looking at the personalizer again and it is so close! Woo hoo, who's coming?? I have just spent 2 weeks getting over the worst flu i have ever had, first thing is to finish my review {could not face it in the foul mood i have been in} and second thing is to get the courage up to tell the kids they are not coming, i think the later is far worse than the flu i went through!!!!! Mick
  3. Does that mean they read these forums and have now grasped its better for business to offer a better service instead of having a monopoly mentality! Now to book the next cruise in advance:) Funny i only asked a question about booking in advance a week or so ago and now they are going to do the same as the parent company!:D Now to find the cruise to suit, we all talked about it and 25-35 days seems the perfect length, i only wish i could afford the 104 world tour cruise as it seems sensational but you could triple the ticket price in spending it would cost an average house price for the us,the four kids and mother! Come on Lotto numbers!
  4. We spent $700 on portraits as with 4 kids it is hard to get a good family one with everyone smiling and looking at the camera, when you do you go to town. As all the normal picture takers of the family will know, it was also one of the rare times i was actually in the pictures!
  5. We went to Noumea twice in 2 weeks and found the locals friendly. The Petite Train { non P&o that costs $20} is a great tour and fun. There are a number of great activities that P&o offers but we liked doing our own thing. It is interesting to just walk around and feel you are in another country with a different language. Opposite the port is a supermarket called "Casino", we had a great time getting lots of French cheese and local foods to take back and eat.They take Australian dollars and most price tages are electronic and show the local Franc prices aswell as US dollars. To me the outer surrounding areas that you see on the petite tour show the beauty of Noumea, like places like Egypt or any place there is a dirty side to the city and a beautiful side to the outer regions. Would i go to Noumea again, yes i would. Like most places on this planet it takes awhile to learn the things that have made other people populate it. I have never been to Cuba but i would imagine there are many cities like Noumea there and you need to get past the first glimpse to see what we all want on holidays, to experience a difference from what we live with day to day. Enjoy Noumea for what it is, an experience of the islands and an experience of island and French culture combined.People that do not like a place have usually had a bad experience or do not have the ability to find the best of a place and expect the best of a location should jump into there lap within the first 5 minutes or its a terrible place. Haha hope thats insightful, i have been to some really terrible places in this world and have seen they all have a good part to them, Noumea is far from bad in my humble opinion. Mick
  6. Haha, thats experience for you! I would have said" thats two ice creams you miss out on to pay for my drinks". Thats a classic, i would have loved a picture right at the moment the taste hit the palate! :D
  7. Called getting your land legs back! It is funny standing at places like the checkout at the supper market or more personal going to the loo standing up for the boys. My worst cases have been when i get of a yacht after a few weeks and it really makes you fell strange swaying doing normal things on land for a few days. Call me strange but i like the movement on the ocean when out to sea but it seems strange the first time you feel it on land, after that you notice it but its just like the wind noise you get in your right ear after driving 1000km with the window open, its there but its just part of the enjoyment and goes away without much notice!:D
  8. our cruise there was a few gay couples and a few singles.We had a blast with them and so did my mother inlaw. I grew up a street down from the city end of oxford street and my wifes brother was gay{no longer with us} so we had a great time with the and had a special birthday get together for one of the young singles on the cruise. You guys are going to have a fantastic time. my email is mickalexander@people.net.au, give me a yell and ill pass on a few things.
  9. After sticking to cabin made iced tea's my wife and i spent around $500 on a 16 day cruise as we bought bottles of wine at dinner and got lazy at times!:D
  10. Speaking for myself i can only say they are called "Albatross cages" . Hahaha:p
  11. Hehe they prob have never looked at a world map!:D Maybe the ships went backwards{just whack her in reverse first officer} the whole way UK-US-UK.:D As the Atlantic trips even in the 1830's only took around 15 days{half this by the 1850's} on the steamers in a mostly cold climate, i think they are having a lend or making the worlds history there own once again!haha:D I am just being cheeky! My brother showed me this last week and i think its an apt time to share it. Enjoy, i nearly died laughing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEP7uti0PDw
  12. No problem at all, the Transatlantic crossing would be SOPH. mick
  13. Thats right except it was going to and from India. Because of the heat, the shade side was the most comfortable to and from India. Lol, i was only looking at this in the historical records two weeks ago, doing research on the English and Scots in India.
  14. The car would be a pocket rocket! haha Typo i meant card!:p
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