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  1. I uploaded a photo for our Edge cruise in May and thought it would appear on the app but it's not there. Also, thought it might be on my Express Pass but not there either. It's only on the Celebrity site. Am I missing something?
  2. Keith, thanks for the recommendation and I did book 9111. Interesting, both 9031 and 9111 are being sold as A1 mid-ship when they clearly are not. As you mentioned, mid-ship options on Deck 9 would now only be PH or PS. Carole
  3. Surprised to find 9031 and 9111 both listed as mid-ship. Seems to me one is far forward the other aft. These are our cabin choices and trying to decide. We've been in 8040 and did not have any motion issues but we not as far forward. As for 9111, we've never stayed in an aft cabin and my concern is vibrations. I remember dining in Silk when the seas were not really rough just some large swells and there was a lot of vibrations. As I recall, there might have been vibrations in the Galaxy Lounge but maybe it was just movement. Vibrations bother me more than movement since I've never gotten sea sick. Almost afraid to say that !! The cruise is in November in the Caribbean so not the Tasman Sea. Any comments would be great. Carole
  4. Is the Sea Pass available on the Edge app with no need for a physical card?
  5. The cruise starts December 8 so maybe not as cool as it would be in late December or January and can always do with less humidity.
  6. I did read those posts about the transient vibrations but they were not very concerning. I'm sure if there are future aft vibrations issues someone will post. Our May cruise will be our first on Celebrity so we can't compare to S or M class and just keeping an open mind with the Edge. We booked that cruise for the itinerary that has some of our favorite ports and a few new ones. Have a great time on your return to the Edge. Look forward to your posts and pics. Carole
  7. I think we'll do the Key West/Cozumel/Costa Maya/Grand Cayman itinerary the reason being there are only two sea days not three like the San Juan/Tortola/St./Maarten and San Juan is only 3:30 pm-11:00 pm so would just spend a few hours there before dinner or maybe not even get off the ship. I've been to San Juan and St. Maarten many years ago on land trips and would enjoy the St. Maarten stop but prefer less sea days so we could at least get off the ship for a bit. Wouldn't mind snorkeling but not a must do. This cruise would just be a get away in December for some relaxation and warmer weather. We live in CA so no shortage of warm weather although we do get cooler weather and some rain in the winter. Carole
  8. VT, was hoping you would chime in and happy to have your seal of approval. We've never sailed in an aft cabin since concerns about vibrations that we've experienced on smaller ships in public area and always booked mid-ship for less movement. Since Edge is a larger and new ship I would not anticipate any serious vibrations and haven't read that this has been an issue. It's hard to resist the nice size real balcony and those aft views. I'm going to snag 11272 for Caribbean in December. I can decide in May when we're in an IV if it's one and done but, hopefully, not. Carole
  9. Wondering if St. Maarten and San Juan have recovered enough for that itinerary. Would like a Key West stop but could do without Mexico. Need to make a decision. Carole
  10. We're in an IV in May and no option to change cabin but thinking an SV would be good for Caribbean in Dec. Fares still high but would like to take advantage of the 4 free perks. Any SV comments would be great. Thanks. Carole
  11. We were docked close to downtown in 2017. On the day we debarked there were no Crystal shuttles for departing passengers going into the city center or for those embarking from the city. An option from Crystal was for those who booked Crystal's pre and/or post-cruise hotel, which was the d'Angleterre, with the transfer included in the rate. I booked the hotel on my own and even with having to book that ridiculously expensive hotel transfer it was less expensive than booking through Crystal. The d'Angleterre is a Virtuoso hotel and I booked through my Virtuoso TA with breakfast and $100 hotel credit included. I found out after they were fully booked that Crystal also offered a private transfer and you can use OBC. As I recall, it was even a few dollars more than the hotel transfer. Still can't believe it was $200 for a ride no longer than .5 hour. You could post on your roll call to see if you can find others to share a transfer into the center. Carole
  12. We debarked in Copenhagen at the end our Baltic cruise and I would recommend booking a private transfer into the city or wait for a taxi. The road is one way in and one way out. There was a line for taxis and there were not many. I booked a private transfer I arranged with Hotel d'Angleterre. I could have also arranged with Crystal but they were fully booked. DH debarked earlier in the morning and walked to the train station for an overnight in Sweden so I was on my own with all our luggage. The private transfer was expensive and as I recall $200. Crystal's private transfer was around the same so too costly for just spending the day especially considering the city and the hotel were maybe a 20 minute drive. I did not want to wait for an available taxi hauling our luggage and if it was raining there was no cover where you wait for a taxi. Taxi's were readily available for a return to the port. We were overnight on the ship and Crystal provided shuttles into Copenhagen but not on debarking day. I don't know what the bus situation is but if you check Cruise Critic port forum for Copenhagen you'll find a lot of info.
  13. Look forward to following along. We also live in the OC so many great restaurants here for foodies. It will be interesting to hear you reviews of the MDR's and speciality restaurants. This will be our first Celebrity cruise and we're on the May 25 Rome/Rome cruise so five months to go. Carole
  14. When trying to book a one day Thermal pass you have to choose an entry time. The options are from 8:00 am-10:15 am in 15 minute increments. I called Celebrity and was told those times didn't mean anything and I could enter at any time and the pass is for all day. Since sea days are not listed as being available, I would book the pass on a port day when we would leave the ship for a few hours in the morning and I could use the pass in the afternoon. Does this sound accurate or did I get more misinformation? Carole
  15. No hooks by stateroom door!! Not good for a cool weather cruise when you need a coat. Would not want to take up precious closet space so I guess you could just throw your coat somewhere - bed, couch, chair? Carole
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