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  1. I could kiss your face!! Thank you just called , you saved us alot of time money and tears 🙂
  2. I will check it out but is it giving you that price because your crown and anchor? When my mom does it she is not Crown and Anchor she gets Interior Enjoy your vacation in the perfect space. Size Stateroom: 160 sq. ft. Beds Two twin beds that convert to a Royal King bed Two Pullman beds in staterooms with up to 4 guests Occupancy Up to 4 guests Views n/a Living Spaces Room with bed, vanity and sitting area with sofa Bathrooms One bathroom Deckplan Code Hide details From USD/Person $1,977 Select
  3. Thanks guys the problem is she is single traveler to book an inside is 2100 to book inside guarantee is 1500, she can go if we do the guarantee but just afraid she may get a cabin under something like the disco lol..hoping someone can share a guarantee booking experience they had
  4. Havent sailed Royal in many years 1. can someone explain Royal up to me and can you use it if you book a guarantee inside? 2. Has anyone booked an inside guarantee what was your experience. Mom is pretty old and would hate for her to be put above a club 😕 Thanks for the help
  5. Oh from the diagram it looks like it’s next to the elevators… We were trying to find a room that’s close to the elevators, thank youOh from the diagram it looks like it’s next to the elevators… We were trying to find a room that’s close to the elevators, thank you
  6. Hi my family and I are thinking of booking a cabin 7312 or 6312 on adventure of the seas.. I tried doing a search but didn’t come up with anything, I was wondering if anybody has any pictures or can tell me anything about those rooms
  7. no he was "doing" me a favor because it would of been cheaper to book it that way. I said I didnt care but he made me feel kind of dumb for not seeing it his way. I hate confrontation so did it his way but then I soon realized, I wont be able to board early with me husband (which is the whole reason I booked a suite) lol
  8. Thank you, I know we can all pay separate but I like to look on my TV in my room and see my charges for that room, also I am in a suite and he is regular balcony, so I wont be able to board with my husband early..its just a big mess
  9. he is the owner 😞 lol and told me to do it once Im onboard
  10. My travel agent mixed up our rooms ( he put me in with my daughters balcony and my daughters boyfriend in my suite! ) he said he cannot make a change and I was hoping I can make this change at the pier? Or do I need to go to guest services? Once I am at guest services will they completely switch us o just give us new keys? Meaning I dont want his charges to appear in my room and vice versa if that makes sense, Im so upset 😞 BTW can I switch travel agents? Meaning give my booking to a different agent and if so is there a fee
  11. Thank you! Does that mean that my sign and sail will then show I am in a suite and the gratuities will be put on mine?
  12. So we booked a cruise for next year. We booked 2 rooms, 1 suite 1 balcony and in order to get the max discount and OBC my TA put me in the balcony and daughters boyfriend in the suite. Once we board if we go to guest services will Carnival give us correct sign and sail cards. Moving me back to suite and dd bf back to balcony? My OCD is kicking in lol Or are we stuck? My TA says they should do it but I was hoping to hear from someone that may have actually done this/
  13. Tammylyne


    We would like to do Jost's on our own but none of us are traveling with a passport. Can we do this or do we need a passport?
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