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  1. The numbers for the M & M's on our 2 up and coming cruises seem to have been restored. Hope this isn't another glitch . . . . . . . . PS - KERNOW - We took your advice along with the tram from Zeebrugge and had a fabulous day in Ostend! Stephanie
  2. I emailed Cruise Critic earlier today and here is the reply I've just received I also emailef RCCL but it bounced back
  3. Just had to re-register for our b2b next month! We'll be watching this thread with interest
  4. When I asked a similar question, Globaliser posted the following, which works better than using the 'Manage Followed Content' option - Go to https://boards.cruisecritic.com/discover/?do=create Select the following options:- Show me: Content items only Clicking Unread Items: Take me to the first unread comment Content Types: Topics Read Status: Everything Ownership: Everything Default View: Condensed Following: Only content I follow Time Period: Any time Enter a name into Stream Title. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. You can thereafter find this under Activity --> My Activity Streams --> Custom Streams. You can create a shortcut/bookmark with that URL for easy access. This search method only covers the last 365 days, so if you want to find something on a thread from over a year ago, your best bet is to locate it using the 'Manage Followed Content' option Stephanie
  5. This method works even better than the one suggested by SciFiGuy1960 - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Stephanie
  6. Thanks for that SciFiGuy1960 - IT WORKS! BTW 1960 was a very good year Thanks also for the above Globaliser - I shall give that a go too! Stephanie
  7. I am missing the Subscribed Threads list. The old one used to list 'subscribed threads' in order of activity! The 'Manage Followed Content' option just isn't the same! 😞 Stephanie
  8. Has anybody found a solution to the missing 'SUBSCRIBED THREADS' LIST or has it disappeared off the face of the planet?? The 'manage followed content' option does just that, it doesn't tell you anything about number of posts, views, who was the last person to post etc etc Please can we have it back PLEASE. Stephanie
  9. My Royal Caribbean Countdown Clock tells me that we have 200 days to go. Yippeeeeeeee 🛳️ 🍾 Edit - Countdown clock on here says it's 199 days! (editing functions sadly reduced in new format 😞 ) Stephanie
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