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  1. I am getting off today. Hate to say this, but nothing new except one comedian who wasn’t really all that funny and a Neil Diamond imitator who was horrible! (The most entertaining part of the Neil Diamond imitator’s show was watching the steady stream of people get up and walk out during his performance. Alas, even that lost its entertainment value after awhile, and I joined the people making a hasty exit. No, the show was not over.) As a whole, the entertainment on this cruise was subpar compared to my other 4 cruises this year on Celebrity.
  2. Chemmo—I checked and was informed that small green plant was meant to replace the cut rose heads and that cut rose heads and fruit tray were now only provided on request! Really with the price of RS and higher suites you would think they would at least provide fresh cut flowers. BTW, the Captains Club rose is the most pathetic one I’ve ever seen.
  3. Currently in Royal Suite on Reflection. Only flower is the single rose from a alts Club! Cut roses usually in this cat of suite seems to have been replaced by small green plant. The cut roses were used last April and in June in my RS Suites. Haven’t had fruit bowl/tray in my rooms for a couple of years.
  4. Ute toy on Reflection. Diner at Tuscan last night. Service and food were excellent! Had lunch at The Porch on boarding day. Very civilized way to start cruise. Food was good and away from the maddening crowds. I would suggest you use your lunch for that day unless it is valid for one of the special sea day lunches in either Tuscan or Murano. Murano’s dinners and lunches (when offered) have always been exceptional IMHO.
  5. I have been elite+ since level was introduced and have travelled several times in Royal Suite. I have never had anyone at bar or restaurant ask for elite+ to identify themselves so they can be served first. Posts like yours which are made in jest result in others who may not be experienced either demanding priority treatment or feeling unappreciated because they are at lower level.
  6. I sailed on Millie’s inaugural cruise in 2000 when Michael’s Club was introduced. As others have said it was originally a cigar lounge, very men’s clubby! Service was great if you didn’t mind the smoke. When Michael’s Club became the suite lounge, it remained rather dark and men’s clubby. Had the pleasure of sailing Millie shortly after it’s Edgification and much preferred the new look of the now named Retreat Lounge. Could not understand all those who had written negative reviews of new decor. Room was not only lighter/brighter, but furniture was extremely comfortable and service was gre
  7. I agree completely about the randomness of getting luggage tags. I requested tags for my upcoming cruise from the Captain’s Club at the beginning of May. Then I took a 2 week trip and found no tags in mail on my return, so I made tag request online. Despite that being 3 weeks ago, no tags have arrived. You would think that. Celebrity could get this process right! I am one of its top cruisers and traveling in one of the top suites, but I was still left to print my tags myself despite 2 requests, both made in a timely fashion. Similar experience in April of this year and September of 2017.
  8. I have taken Thanksgiving cruises and they either have a large number of family groups or almost none at all. The key factor seems to be length of cruise—7 days or fewer, lots of families; over 7 days, very few. That is probably due to fact that most schools are only off for one week.
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