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  1. Nope! Here's the 'dope' on Canada... https://www.narcity.com/life/heres-how-much-a-server-is-getting-paid-per-hour-by-province-in-canada
  2. The only thing I'm counting on is the number of days left before we go!
  3. I wouldn't change it either. You'll have fun. Try not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy the best of a new experience.
  4. Thank you for sharing. Sounds like you had a great time. We board the Crown on Aug 5. Should be warmer than in May. We hope we get lucky and don't get too much rain... lol, just the right amount!🙃
  5. Even though you may tick the box on your Personalizer to charge you in US$ (best), we use a Canadian credit card and have had to go to Customer Services to ensure they wouldn't charge us in Canadian$.
  6. Princess doesn't ship to Canada. You can pick up your medallions at check-in. You've already checked-in and printed your documents and can proceed as usual.
  7. You can take the x99 express bus from the tender dock into Edinburgh and upgrade the bus ticket to include the Hoho bus ticket if you want. The green route has live commentary and goes nearby the castle. https://www.lothianbuses.com/news/2018/04/new-service-x99/
  8. We’ve had several price drops on ezair up to final payment. TA told us that after final payment, ezair ‘flex’ fare becomes ‘restricted’ (Princess told her). I wouldn’t expect a price adjustment on flights after that, though it doesn’t hurt to ask about ‘goodwill’ OBC.
  9. Well said! Some things have become 'user-pay' so that other passengers, who either don't want certain things (or can live without them), don't have to pay more for their cruise. Works for me. We've sailed on the Ruby and her sister ships, and they were all great holidays. We've cruised on other lines and are loyal to Princess because it's a good fit for us. While nothing is perfect, cruising is a fantastic way to travel. When we started cruising 23 years ago, it was more about the ship (the journey). Now it's more about the destinations. Our first cruise wasn't, actually, our 'best' cruise... other than the fact that it was our 'first' cruise, so it was wonderful!!! BTW, it wasn't on Princess. People who look for negatives will find them. A person's positive attitude goes a long way. You will be amazed and have a wonderful time!
  10. OP again. Has anyone returned from the Crown Princess this season and done this specific tour with Princess? (called "WWII Canadian Landing Beaches")
  11. We had a return flight cancelled by the airline (not Air Canada) through EzAir a few years ago, FLL to Halifax. We didn't like the routing so cancelled and bought our own one-way ticket home for a comparable price. Sorry, I don't recall if there would have been an increased cost. Not through EzAir, this August we were scheduled to fly Halifax to Heathrow direct on a 737-8. All along, the route was posted as 'suspended', not 'cancelled'. More than a month before, Air Canada changed our flight so now will fly to Toronto first, no extra charge. If we'd bought the same tickets on the day they switched the flight for us, the cost would have been more than double because all the 'basic' seats were sold out and we ended up with a Flex fare. I too was concerned about a last-minute Air Canada decision so had called them. Sure enough, our flights were changed with more than a month's notice (the web site says 2-3 weeks in advance). The Air Canada rep told me that they're working hard not to cancel any flights, even buying other airlines to deliver their customers. I know this isn't too helpful... no one has the final answers right now. I believe that Princess would get you to your destination, no question, it's their guarantee. I'd want to know if they would actually charge extra in your case. My not wanting to pay extra, I'd probably take what they assigned to me (we weren't given options) as we're not bothered by the journey. Being easy to please, it's the destination we have in mind. I get it that you're working through a 'third party/Princess' so practices may be different (potential cancellation instead of a substitution). Let us know how it works out for you!
  12. Restrictive diet... funny! Looking forward to a great holiday, rain or shine! I'd love 'some' of the heat you had last summer. We're Maritimers so are used to a variety of weather... on any given day! Cheers!
  13. Makes sense for sure! Holiday Inn Herbert Walker Rd. We're not being told yet exactly where the Crown will dock Aug 5. We (two couples) have a 12:40pm flight home at the end of the cruise so played it safe and opted for the Princess transfer to the airport. Many thanks John Bull : )
  14. Thanks for this. We don't sail the same day we will arrive so no worries on that end. Do passengers who change their tickets, to an earlier or later bus, have priority over someone who didn't pre-book?
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