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  1. When sending clothing out, I hope there's no change to the 'cleaning' option that doesn't use water vs the 'laundry' option that does.
  2. Your credit card may have a low amount of cancellation insurance (different from trip interruption). If a vendor goes bankrupt, your credit card may cover the loss.
  3. I’m also looking for something in common for a clue on how the computer might choose passengers or bookings to upgrade. We haven’t booked EZair yet and haven’t received an upgrade offer either. Anyone else like that?
  4. Those of you who are receiving upgrades, are you also already booked with EZair?
  5. We did RT Southampton around UK last summer on the Crown. No kettles.
  6. I think that the form from RCI is ill-conceived. I don't believe that any doctor can predict susceptibility to COVD19 with 100% accuracy for someone of any age because not enough is yet known about the virus. People under 70 are dying. If the cruise lines want a health form regarding chronic conditions, then every passenger should submit one, and one that's not tied to COVID19, much the same as insurance companies have exclusions for pre-existing conditions that aren't stable. In my opinion, a 40-yr-old with COPD may be at a greater risk for a medical emergency, especially in these coronavirus days but not limited to, than a 70-yr-old with high blood pressure that is controlled by medication, monitored on a regular basis and stable for a long on-going basis. OP, this would describe my DH, and I certainly hope that our cruising days are not over. We'll see if Princess produces a form or if a doctor can write a letter that speaks to chronic unstable conditions.
  7. For sure. Would be nice if the 'pause' gave Princess an opportunity to fix the generator on the Crown Princess, if it can be done somewhere else, before the scheduled dry dock in October.
  8. The 2020 cruise schedule for Halifax was to begin April 11 and finishes Nov 3 with 198 cruises on the list, a main source of income for reasonably small ports. Hopefully, the ban won't need to be extended beyond July 1. The first Princess ship on the schedule is due July 19.
  9. It mentions a "severe" (and chronic) condition. Maybe if your chronic condition is stable, your doctor could issue a "fit to travel" letter.
  10. We've had the pleasure of visiting Copenhagen 10 years ago for a few days and looking for something different to do. Is it possible to visit this museum on a port day, or only feasible if staying in Copenhagen for a couple of days? We're scheduled to visit Tues Sept 22.
  11. People who are cruising soon received an email that included this: "For our guests booked on Crown Princess Mediterranean itineraries, we are finalizing some itinerary changes and a special offer that we will be sharing early next week." Quoted from: https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/temporary-cancellation-policy.html So, we'll soon have more information that will help us decide about sailing on the Crown before dry dock in October.
  12. Thank you. Some passengers in the Caribbean reported rough seas and speculated that the downed generator may have affected the function of the stabilizers.
  13. Does anyone know what the actual problem is with the generator? Has it been confirmed if the issue affects the use of the stabilizers? No crystal ball withstanding, I'm wondering what are the real chances Princess will be able to (or decide to) tackle the problem before the scheduled dry dock.
  14. Regarding the eating venues, we don't eat in the buffet. Not foolproof, but eliminates one (possibly main) potential source of infection.
  15. I interpret this to say that any tips on any bar charges are not included with Princess Plus. In comparison, the Premier Beverage Package did. Regardless of the Princess Plus pricing released today, the pricing on our cruises remained the same this morning. It will be interesting to see what the next 'sale' may offer. Hoping for tips and OBC that have more value to us.
  16. I believe our steward told us we could plug our devices into the USB port on the tv to charge them. We had our own multi-USB plug so we didn't try it.
  17. We were on the Golden Jan 23. Large flat screen. No on demand tv and the remote was odd with no numbers on it, you had to scroll. We weren't personally impressed with the programming either as my husband likes movies. First time in years we left the tv off before bedtime and read books. Sorry I don't have better news.
  18. Between complimentary internet minutes, one mini bar set up and the two bottles of wine we're allowed to bring onboard, we're only interested in free grats and OBC. The '3 for Free' sale, that also includes an upgraded location within your booked category, would continue to work best for us and I'm sure we're not alone. I hope Princess is listening and continues that annual sale. OTOH, happy that Princess is offering fares with packages that will benefit a lot of other passengers. It may also keep them from straying to other lines that have offered similar packages for years.
  19. Congratulations, we love that show! Any update on the generator fix?
  20. Also very good, on the Crown last August there was a Scottish show on the evening that some passengers went into Edinburgh for the Tattoo. Loved the backdrop of changing Scottish scenery during one of the songs.
  21. Interesting, good to know. I don't recall this being spelled out on their website 10 years ago. Regardless, we planned to tip and did leave cash with the driver. I can't be sure if he understood to share with the guide when he would see her next. OP: We tip based on the length of the tour and not on a percentage basis, extra if they're super, and not in US$ in Europe. Hope that helps.
  22. We used Daniel's Taxi Tours. Excellent.
  23. First and foremost, people will do what they want, even when it's not expected. In countries where it's not expected, they may prefer a positive review on TripAdvisor. My research (2018 from the web) indicates tips for tours aren't based on a percentage but, rather, on the length of the tour: Half-day tour - $3-$5/pp Full-day tour - $5-$10/pp One or two-hour tour - $1-$2/pp In St. Petersburg, SPB Tours, our first stop with the guide was an ATM (no English option) where she helped each of us withdraw a small amount of cash for incidentals. At the end of the tour, a passenger took a collection of 'leftover' local currency. As tips weren't expected, the guide had hopped off the bus at a red light before we had a chance to give it to her. We left it with the driver. I think tipping in Euros would be ok in most European countries, possibly with Russia being the exception.
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