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  1. Since we don't drink a lot, I like the Wine and beer packages on the MSC Divina (no - it's not "unlimited"). The wine package includes 7 bottles ($160 + 15% service charge), we got 16 beer coupons ($59 + service charge). We cruised with another couple, so each night at dinner, we selected a bottle of wine from the wine list, the waiter brought out the wine and opened for us.
  2. It gave me a chill reading about Klfhngr's ordeal. It's a cruiser's nightmare.
  3. [quote name='MTL=CRUISEFAMILY']Interesting, hope you enjoy that part of our cruise. I unfortunately am not a convert...yet.[/quote] We are non-vegan as well. We have no problem with people "travel in pack", we might be able to learn a few things from them. If they don't eat meat, there are more for us. If the bar and Casino have less smokers, it's even better. Are there any more carnivores on the ship beside us?
  4. Thanks for the pointers. We can't wait to experience Divina :)
  5. We just booked (last minutes) for the sail next week (March 1-8, 2014). This will be our first time on the MSC Divina, so we are reading up on all of the reviews. We just want to get away, disconnect from the office for awhile, so if we don't have ice in our water (like one of the posts we saw in a different review), it's still perfectly fine :) We will be driving to the port, still trying to locate a safe parking garage. If you guys have a good, safe parking garage, please recommend.
  6. Glad you had a good time, we will be sailing soon on the same ship :D
  7. This is our first time booking on Celebrity Solstice. We are booking 2 C2 room on sky deck: Cabin 1048 and 1081. I have looked at the floor plan, but it is not clear. One of our cabins is on the port side, my daughter's cabin is on the other side. Just wonder whether they are near each other or they are in 2 different hallways. I appreciate any help you can give.
  8. We are leaving for Alaska on the Sapphire Princess by the end of this week. We will need to find and book the next cruise soon ;). Additional question: Is the ship clean? Thanks for your time:cool:
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