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  1. I am now traveling solo as my husband passed away in 2019. We both loved cruising so I am doing that by myself. I cruised just before the pandemic hit and never felt unsafe being by myself. I have a couple of long bus trip/cruise trips over the next 2 years and look forward to being able to do my own thing and not have to be on a schedule. I wouldn't leave a drink unattended even in my home town. I am aware of my surroundings and would hope not to fall into any trouble being on my own. I always do a door sign when I cruise and I like seeing what people have come up with on their door signs. With all the extra cleaning precautions now I would think they might not be allowed anymore.
  2. Maybe I am not quite understanding your post triple7tahoe but why would you not phone Princess again and ask them about this new offer and which cruises you are interested in and see what they offer. I use my own travel agent and they always check to see if an offer is better using the casino offer or not. Sometimes one offer is better than another or you can not use one with the other. Anyhow I would call Princess again and see what the cost will be. Following this thread might not answer your particular situation.
  3. Could anyone recommend a tour company that does San Francisco day tours and goes to a lot of the special places that the city has to offer. I love the HoHo buses and wonder if the one in SF is worth using to tour the city. Does it go up any of the huge hilly streets that are famous? Any recommendations as we are there for a full day and don't sail until 10:00 p.m. Thanks everyone!
  4. Have you looked here on CC to see if there is a roll call set up for the date of your cruise? You would be able to chat with people that are going the same time and meet up once onboard at a "Meet & Greet" that usually someone will set up the first sea day. If you book "anytime dining" then you can request being seated with others once you get to the dining room. That way you don't sit alone and if you don't like the people at that table, no worries as chances of sitting with them again will be slim. If you want to eat alone then you can tell the Maitre D you want a table for 1. If you choose a set dining time such as "early dining" then you will be seated with the same people each night and you might not like them but it will be hard at that point to switch tables. If you like to play Trivia, that can be a great way to meet people and have some fun by joining up with a team. Just go and do what you want, when you want, as you said. You are your own boss and will be the one to make yourself happy with doing the cruise with your rules!
  5. Hi there, So sorry for the loss of your husband. I to became a widow in December and my husband and I had been traveling for most of our 37 years, all modes of travel and just started to cruise about 10 years ago and loved it! I went on a Caribbean cruise with another couple this past Feb. as we had that cruise booked before my husband passed away. While I was grateful to have my friends there and they did give me space, I did wish I was on my own many times. I love to play Trivia and it seemed that the times were when we met for drinks before dinner so I passed on it. My husband and I would play Trivia and then go to dinner. I didn't want to hurt their feelings by saying no I will not be eating dinner with you tonight or meeting for drinks. Some nights I just wanted to grab some food from the buffet and wander around on my own but most times that was not possible. They were "early to bed" people so I did go out to the casino or listen to the band after the theatre show a lot of times. I had a Pacific Coastal cruise booked in Oct. but it just got cancelled. I am looking at a bus trip of South Africa in Feb. instead of doing the Caribbean again. It all depends on this virus. I am a very outgoing person and talk to everyone so I am not nervous about meeting anyone if I want to. I booked an inside cabin as the "single supplement" was just about nil on Princess. I really hated it being alone....very boring and I tried not to be in it for too long. If I travel to a warm place I will try at least for a window cabin if not a balcony as I do love sitting outside napping and reading lol. Anyhow I am really looking forward to traveling really, really solo very soon. I am sure I will enjoy myself. Take care and good luck with your new adventures!
  6. I am being very optimistic and I just booked the 7-day Pacific Wine Country cruise on the Star on Oct. 15th out of LA. I cruised on the Sky this past Feb/March solo for the 1st time (husband passed away) and took an inside. Beautiful room, lots of storage but not for me. When I saw the price for this cruise for a balcony for a single cruiser it was a great price plus I added on the offer of the drink package, WiFi and gratuities and it was still a great price. Got a wonderful casino offer and I am one happy camper right now. I always like to have something in my near future to look forward to.
  7. I enjoyed reading your posts on your Hawaii cruise Jack. I to take CC complainers with a grain of salt as the saying goes. eople are always saying Carnival is a party cruise line for young party goers. Well who is cruising late Sept. early Oct. on a Canada/New England cruise to see the leaf colours? Certainly not the young party goers lol. Your vacation is what you make it and I have enjoyed every cruise I have taken regardless of the cruise line. My husband and I always asked to sit at a table with others if we were not cruising with friends, and loved chatting with others during meals. I will continue to do that myself as I do enjoy meeting new people and hearing about different lifestyles. It will be different traveling myself but I am looking forward to this new and different time in my life. I know he is with me and encouraging me to do this so I will. I enjoyed reading about how you made the best of everything to Jack. By the way....the Island is a lovely small ship. We have cruised on her a couple of times and really liked the size. Happy traveling Jack!
  8. You cracked me up with this post Minya. Reminds me of a guy I worked with and his wife was so jealous if he talked to any woman. They would be out walking and she would cross the street if they were walking towards me. Guess what....two can play that game and I would cross the street and go up and say hi. The stupid thing was their daughter and our daughter were really good friends so she knew I was happily married lol. I think I would do what you do....always good for a chuckle. I am now traveling solo for the first time in Feb. as my husband of 37 years just passed away. I love to travel and will continue.
  9. So sorry for your loss Lakemurraykid. I know exactly how you feel as I just lost my husband Dec. 8th after 37 years of marriage. We had a Caribbean cruise booked for this Feb. with friends and I had to cancel before final payment as we were waiting for test results. Sadly he passed away. My friends told me to rebook and I booked an inside. We had got a "casino offer" for our original balcony booking and I still got it with the inside cabin so it saved me quite a bit. We didn't gamble a lot but we usually can save a bit asking for a casino offer. As I like to cruise and I think I will feel very safe traveling this way, I will look for sales and last minute deals and know I have to pay the price if I want to continue to travel. Good luck with your continued travels...it won't be the same but he will be with you in spirit!
  10. Wow those prices are unreal!!! I have been looking at another cruise line that does Kingston, Ontario to Quebec City or Ottawa and those prices are high also. No wonder we go to Europe and don't travel in our own country.
  11. Thank you....will be on the Sky in Feb. and a bigger ship than we normally sail on but because of being new, we decided to try it out. Your video was great and it looks wonderful. Thanks again for posting.
  12. Does the HoHo bus go to the Port area where the cruise ships dock? Thanks for your help.
  13. Just on the Zaandam last month. You still have to use a card for the safes....just hate that....any card though with a magnetic strip will work. But then you have to always use that card so where do you put it so that if you are not with your partner and they need to get into the safe, they will have access to it. A real pain in that respect. Hangers can be removed, thank goodness....lots of storage so that is good. We were in Vista Suite 6108 and there was even 6 drawers under the vanity for storage and 2 drawers in the night tables. We were on a 7-day and here was the entertainment: Listen to the Music-ships staff entertained, Scott Harris-voted best Canadian Comedian (very funny!), Dance-Zaandam's Singers & Dancers, Planet Earth in Concert-absolutely wonderful!, Jesse Kazemek-a tribute to the beatles, Rock Legends-Zaandam Singers and Dancers, Scott Harris and Jesse Kazemek-shared a show There was also Daniel at the Piano bar every night and Adagio in the Explorers Lounge which was classical music and the Ocean Quartet in the Ocean bar. We liked the buffet, good variety. We liked the Zaandam even though it is older but it is still a nice ship and the staff were wonderful!
  14. Hi Jeannie....just wanted to let you know I am enjoying your posts. So sorry to hear about your foot and not being able to get off in Papeete this time. I know you were looking forward to it. Next time around eh. Take care of yourself and keep on posting please! Corinne
  15. I believe it would be harder to change back to Traditional dining as a lot of people want Traditional so your table would be given to someone else if you gave it up. What you can do on Princess is ask for "anytime dining" but go down the first day and speak to the Maitre'd and ask to book a table for 2 at 6:30 p.m. every evening of the cruise. If they have one available, they might give it to you. I think this is defeating the purpose of "anytime dining" but we have done that before and had the same time and table for the whole cruise. We don't like the set dining times Princess has for Traditional dining.
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