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  1. So excited for your posts! If you don't mind sharing the daily Compass, I would love to see them! Also, would love to hear how the weather and seas are... Have a fantastic trip!!
  2. Yes... just call and they will mail it to you. I've never gotten my pins and have had to call. Kind of a bummer, but glad to have them (I have a pin wall filled with souvenirs from all of our travels so it's a nice addition)
  3. Thank you! That makes total sense now. The rest of us haven't played in the casino yet, which explains why we don't have a status.
  4. I tried to post a pic but it's not letting me. Top right under the date of the sailing
  5. Has anyone had CHOICE on their Sea Pass? My daughter has one on hers, and so does MIL. .. And they are in a junior suite and I'm not... But the two others in their cabin don't have it. We can't figure out what it means.
  6. Thank you so much for posting your review.... We will be doing this as well and reading this has made me even more excited !!!
  7. Thanks so much for answering all of the questions and posting your trip review! It sure does have me excited for our trip!!
  8. Definitely interested in hearing about the motion... Another question Ketchikan and points north are in the AKDT time zone... not sure about Inside Passage... Vancouver is PDT... I assume the ship clock changes at some point -- can you let us know which day it changed for you?
  9. Party in Mike's cabin? :cool::'):cool:lol We are only doing 3 nights and it's through RCL ... I'll have to scope out where there might be something walkable distance in Talkeetna or Denali (doubtful) ... Not sure theres enough time in Seward before having to get onboard. (one difference between RCL and Disney... They have self service laundry rooms... $35 for a tiny bag of laundry is crazy)
  10. Do you know how much they are charging to do the bag of laundry? Between land and sea, we'll be gone for close to two weeks... not quite sure how to pack in under 50 lbs of luggage unless we can do laundry! (so far, it looks like the Anchorage Marriott doesn't have a laundry room, and I can't tell if the lodges for the land portion have them)
  11. Yeah... same here... the guys in our crew are not planning on bringing jackets or ties.
  12. Good question... We are doing the land tour first and I was wondering if maybe we would miss the shipboard muster and have to do a make up muster.
  13. Thank you.. . Especially Cindy. That's exactly what I needed to know. And blueridgemama... Totally get what you're saying about $1s and $5s. I don't tend to like to carry cash so I want to be well prepared. Want to have envelopes ready for certain things! Thanks all!
  14. Doing a cruise tour this summer in Alaska for 3 days. What's your experiences with who/how many people should be tipped? Bus driver? Tour director? Hotel stays? Thanks!
  15. There's a curtain?! This will be my time on Radiance. Would love cabin pics (and any ship pics)
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