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  1. I would have already ignored it, except the agent, supervisor, and analyst (whatever that is) that the supervisor had to verify it with said it definitely applied and there was no way around it. Thanks to you both! It seemed kind of screwy but after 3.5 hours on the phone I was done arguing and just going to try again another day.
  2. So as long as it's booked before then, even if I decide to change my mind 10 months from now, it's still under CWC? I guess I thought I had to cancel within a certain timeframe for that, too. (Shorter than the 48 hours) That makes me feel better, everyone I'd talked to kept saying, well, that's what your insurance is for. Which wasn't the point.
  3. Has anyone else run into the cancellation penalty still applying if your cruise was cancelled and you did L&S? Was contemplating calling again tomorrow to ask about it. Backstory: Our July 12, 2020 cruise was cancelled on May 20. We did L&S to July 4, 2021, but instead of now having a new cancellation schedule and only the NRD be at stake until final payment , we have a note on our invoice that states "The booking is currently subject to USD 1852.25 cancellation penalties at time of this booking invoice 29 MAY 2020. This amount may increase based on the cruise penalty
  4. Got them to waive the increase in the protection plan, but not budging on the difference in taxes and fees...just an "I'm sorry you were told wrong." The cancellation thing is still there. Upped to a supervisor who verified with an analyst, that that's just the way it is. Because they waited to cancel my cruise until it's in the 75% penalty section, that's where it's going to stay. Yes, I could have gotten a FCC or full refund...no, I don't plan on changing my mind, but really? I can somewhat understand from a business standpoint...kind of...maybe. But it just
  5. Got my new invoices... Vacation Protection Plan went up $30 per room Taxes and Fees went up even more than the agent I made the change with said (and I paid the updated charges at time of changing) They are now saying that since we were in our 75% penalty phase at the time of change, we're continuing that penalty portion all the way through to next year. (Oh, but it's okay, VPP will cover it 🤐). And on one of the rooms (for my mom so she has to call in separately), her amount paid wasn't correct. My thought is to call back again...unless anyone thinks
  6. Thanks! They made no mention of the taxes and fees getting refunded so I guess I'll just watch my account and updated invoice.
  7. It was odd, and I was fine paying the difference in taxes and fees, but I didn't understand doing it right this second and then being past final payment a year in advance. New invoice shows 2021, so I'm less worried. New question:. My mom had prepaid gratuities on her original invoice but on this one they weren't. My thought is is that they're going to be refunded and then she just has to repurchase them. She's going to wait until the whole times aren't as long to do that but does anybody know offhand?
  8. While doing a L&S on my July cruise today, they said that the original final payment date of April 13, 2020 would apply. Does that sound right?
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