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  1. I will be the one with my dh and my Dad in tow😁. Both of them have beards(I do not!). In London now, and we did see a glimpse of the sun before it rained again.
  2. We are on this sailing! We leave tomorrow and spending 3 days in London. My Dad is coming as well. Hopefully we will meet on board chrism23 and jollyjones. We just will put on a lot of clothes if it is cold, and I get cold in Florida! safe travels!
  3. That would be wonderful if you could share! I have emailed them also but no reply yet, we are leaving next week.😊
  4. Thank you ddron29 for checking with the Maitre'D. That puts our minds at ease. I am so glad to see my Dad planning for this cruise.
  5. CruisinPashmina, I am sorry for your loss and I am glad that the trip helped you.
  6. Thank you all so much for both the condolences and the information. My Dad has a medium grey suit and bow ties to wear for formal night but asked about the jacket with a turtleneck for the informal nights. I know this is the right thing for him as their 71st anniversary is (would have been) July 6th when we arrive in Copenhagen. My dh and I have been to the Skygarden and love the views, I was thinking of taking him but could not figure out which day (we are there for 3 days before) so it is good to know it is close to where the Wind is docked. Our family lived in many countries growing up (I was born outside London) and traveling is in our blood, my Dad has not been to Norway or Copenhagen so he is looking forward to that. He was my Mom's caretaker these last few years so I am looking forward to him having a little pampering, he wants to do a massage! I love these boards!!
  7. Following all threads Wind with excitement. I had posted awhile back when we first booked for June 22. It is my dh's and my first Silversea cruise. Circumstances have changed as my Mom passed away last week and we asked my Dad if he would like to join us. He said yes. So he is coming with us, he will be 95 in September but is active. My new questions are related to him. He has a suit (grey) and will wear all 3 formal nights. On informal nights can he wear that jacket with a turtleneck or polo or does it have to be a button down shirt? He likes buffet for breakfast and lunch is there a buffet for both? We embark on the 22nd but do not leave until 5:30 am the next morning, so I know we have to do a safety drill but how does it work as far as getting on board and then being able to go out into London? He asked about getting krones for Norway and Denmark (we are staying a couple of days in Copenhagen)? Is anyone going to be on that cruise? I thank you for all I have learned from all of you!
  8. I will be on the Wind on the 22nd but we will arrive in London on the 19th. It will be our first Silversea cruise. I too have been following any thread mentioning the Wind! My DH just got a black suit today. I have seen both good and not so good threads about the Wind. I am choosing to be excited and look on the positive side and will have a good time. I do not see a roll call for our cruise but maybe we will be in a conversation and realize we are both on cruise critic!
  9. Thank you for all the replies. We have not been on any of Silversea’s bigger ships, we have been on all the main stream cruise lines as well as Grand Circle river cruises. I have some general questions. As far as coffee and teas- do they have mochas and cappuccino and the like, good teas and real 1/2 and 1/2? In general how are the shore excursions and the spa, as we will have some on board credit? We are doing the cruise from London (my favorite city😁) to Copenhagen so most of the stops are Norway. Thank you again.
  10. Thank you Stumblefoot, I do appreciate the information. It is funny that informal involves a jacket!😁 It is more getting my husband to want to wear it most nights that is the issue lol! Have you been on the Silver Wind? Thanks again
  11. Thank you SJS-TX and Unibok! That is very helpful. Have great cruises to Antartica and Cuba SJS-TX. Have a wonderful cruise to Asia Unibok. I hope you let us know how they were! We are so looking forward to our first trip on Silversea, it really will help during the stress of tax season to have the cruise to look forward to! I am enjoying readin anything about Siversea, studies have shown that the lead up to a trip is just as good for you as the trip!
  12. My favorite attraction at Disney! Hope anyone experiencing the storm is safe and warm!
  13. Thank you so much for your replies- Lois- we are in Palm Coast Florida, I see you are in Jax! Brimary- It is funny that informal is a jacket and button shirt, here in Florida if you told someone informal they might show up in cutoffs and flip flops We love Tower Bridge, we go to England fairly often as I was born outside of London and I still have teachers from Secondary school that we have lunch with. Thank you again!
  14. Thank you that is a great idea, we will do that.
  15. Hello, I am so excited, my DH and I have booked our first (hopefully not last!) Silversea cruise on Silver Wind in June out of London. We have cruised many other cruise lines, but none of the boutique lines. Please share, with a newbie, any information that you can sometimes only get from actually going on the cruise. A couple of questions that come to mind- are polo shirts acceptable for casual nights? For informal night does my husband need to wear a button down shirt with a jacket? For the men, what is the easiest way to utilize jackets and shirts etc..( for example- bring a dark suit and other pants and a sports jacket and mix and match for the informal and formal nights? For the women- how do you mix and match? I saw another thread about tipping for room service but there were no answers yet. If we order room service do we tip? I know tips are part of the all inclusive but does anyone tip bartenders or their Butler at end some extra? I know more questions will come up and I hope you will bear with me! The thought of this trip will get us through tax season with our sanity intact ( I hope- we have our own family accounting business) Thank you so much!
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