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  1. Yep, great! I would send them to GULAG - it would be even greater!!! - What a crazy world we are living these days. Unbelievable! Coming to US in 1991 from Russia, I would never imagine in my wildest nightmare the reality that occurs here now within last 4.5 years and mostly in latest 7 months. Absolute disgrace. I escaped from total control and obedience, but history doesn't teaches us... As result, everyone shall learn everything a hard way.
  2. What a wonderful holiday it is! Seems more like 7-day visiting a medical facility event. The cruise (or any vacation for that matter) is an entity when one's state of mind is totally relaxed and in stress-free (nirvana) mode. What kind of nirvana is such a cruise? It's more like purgatory where they test you to decide whether you shell proceed to h _ _ l or be spared.
  3. The education system along with almost everything else in that regard. The article brought it up as a new shockingly clever way of solving.
  4. and yet they bring it to the entire world as a disaster... let's all of us go back hibernating to our little burrows and munch some nuts and seeds for a few more years; the shmirus will decide we are gone and leave to another planet to find other trivial living. On a side note: I read an article last night about a brilliant way to do arithmetic calculation: 32 x 11. It says do 32 x 10 and add 32! How bright, unusual, and innovative solution! No wonder, the piece of a rag to hide one's face is the best resolution to save the world!
  5. We sailed on the Edge in April 2019 Atlantic crossing - it was so great (even with 5 broken ribs I had after falling during hard rain in Lisbon on their "famously" sleek stone pavement 5 days before disembarkation)! The Eden was the best place for me to hang out multiple times each day in the afternoon and at night. And sauna (the SEA Thermal Suite) is perfect (we spent time in it 2-3 times a day)! - 8 areas to relax and treat yourself!
  6. My booked one was for Dec 2020, and I have to change it 5 times; so, my soonest booked cruise now is for July 2022. I don't blame the cruise line. It actually a victim.
  7. Exactly - I already changed one of my bookings 5 times since last December (last change occurred 2 days ago). Each change is hand picking itinerary involving hours of search, thinking, decision making (cruise, air, hotels, vacation days requests at work, and more). And I do not blame the cruise line whatsoever; it simply trying to stay alive as all of us due to the purposely created chaotic hypocritical madness.
  8. And I was less scared back in 1986 when I was close to it (on a local business trip).
  9. It's so funny! - We are all professional dancers now! - They say "A", and everyone starts dancing around it (if anyone tries to be a partner with "B", they prohibit it by singling out that individual). A few days later they proclaim "B", and all, of a sudden, the herd runs toward "B" and dancing continues (this time around "B"). Anyone who pauses - "What a minute; I was penalized for dancing with "B" and forced to be a partner with "A". Will they prosecute me for that, too?". Then... They announce "BS"... And...
  10. Most questions are rhetorical (to let steam out) no matter what one thinks. Everyone knows underpinnings and core conditions of any discussion; therefore, it's pointless to try to get to the root of an answer (the root is obviously known but deluded and distorted).
  11. Memories... I was born a few hundred yards from the ballet theater (Mariinsky). Back to the topic: we had 9 Celebrity cruises (liked all of them) starting 2001 and 20+ on other "regular" cruise lines. Then we had a cruise on March 8, 2020 on Ponant, and even though we "stuck" on it for extra 4 days, it was great experience regardless of not being able to leave the ship after first 3 days in Easter Island tours from zodiacs to the land (nevertheless, we had a nice zodiac 2-hour tour around the tiny Pitcairn Island and circled around Tahiti, Bora Bora and others for 5 days at the
  12. Enough already! For first 31 years I lived under obedience “rules” 10 hours to the east (remember the song? - “go West. Life is better there”). And it was better. And now... I’m not turning back to zombie. Enough already! When I came here, I worked for 5 years as a dishwasher (having master degree in multiple sciences) with 2 children behind me, and I was grateful to this country! And now? Enough already! Is pointing fingers what is left? Printing free money? - Is that what is left? Enough already! I left fear behind. I would easily die if all this madness stops if I do. Back to
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